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  1. Thanks, i understand your point, and hope this is how it works out. Basically, the £300 car seat, and the Pram seat (another £1500) are now unusable because we cant get the fine shards /dust of glass out. We contacted the legal cover, they said they can try to pursue if I can get the insurance details. If not, i will definitely take the court action route and see what progresses. Thank you
  2. She is about to call them, will update here with what they say.
  3. Hey. Thanks for your quick response. He seems to use plastic crates to hold down waste from the shop (as seen in the pics). The pram, is the easy thing to replace, however the advice on car seats is always never buy used as you never know if there is accident damage on it. What sort of things would i need to consider to prove he was negligent? My approach opinion would be very different if the fence had blown out, but with this, it is ridiculous that he hasn't held things that will catch air, even when previously warned. The added crazy thing is, my partner had parked her car there literally 10 mins before, and taken both the kids out of the back who could have been sprayed with the glass. Doc2.docx
  4. Hi All. My partner lives above some new shops. I believe the land is council owned, as the flats are newly built and are council owned. The shop has a small yard at the back with a fence adjoining the car park. There are 7 parking spots directly behind this fence. On Friday, the wind caught up a bit, and blew a brown bread crate that was resting high on a metal trolley and on the fence, through the air up and over fence, and strait through the car window. Luckily, i have a small camera facing the area, so the damage was caught on camera. Aside from the smashed window, which she will have to pay £100 excess, her pram and baby seat where in the car which are now both covered in glass and shards, along with the rest of the car. She spoke to the shop owner, who was excessively dismissive, didn't even want to watch the footage of the video - I think he has something against women generally. When I called him, he refused to provide his insurance details or even accept responsibility of the damage. I have previously told him about things being blown over from the fence (usually boxes, and plastic wrappers from stock), which i tend to just throw back over the fence as it litters the area. She has spoken to the insurance company, they will replace the rear windscreen, with an excess payment, but wont consider the pram or baby seat as it wasnt accident related. She does have legal cover on her insurance. What can she do about this?
  5. Hi All. It seems i let my annual travel insurance lapse at the renewal last year. My girlfriend and I have planned a long haul trip at the end of the year already booked and paid for. A few months ago, we found out my partner is pregnant. Which made us question if we should travel. The midwife assured us it would be okay to travel. However, i want to get travel insurance to cover all eventualities. Is it still possible? or would it be too late? Would anyone recommend any company? Thank you
  6. Hey. Thanks for the response. Could there be any comeback if did the DD guarantee request? I know, it was silly of me to try to resolve it by phone first. I should have just put the phone down on "the supervisor". If they do not have the recording, the supervisor argued i will have been asked this in my last call. I will make it clear i was not, there for as i was not insured i want all my payments back from day one.
  7. Hi All. I am having a real headache at the moment with homeinsure.co.uk / Thames bank insurance. Background: I split up from my ex-wife some time ago, but as we own a property together (wholly on my name) and no one else lives at the property, i still left some of my contents there as it is the safest place for them. This included some photography equipment, cycles etc. Additionally, all the bills etc on the property are on my name as i deal with anything official in relation to the property. The building is insured via a block management policy. History: Back in 2016 i took out a policy with homeinsure.co.uk (Thames bank insurance (HI)), as it happened to be the cheapest via confused.com The policy cost in the region of £185 for contents only. At the time, i was not advised that the policy would automatically be renewed. At the point of renewal in 2017, HI sent me an email, which ended up in junk mail with the policy renewal details, additionally if i recall no credit agreement details were sent. Unfortunately, i missed the window to cancel the policy by a few days. The policy cost had increased, even though no claims had been made. Unfortunately, due to serious health issues i wasn't able to argue the point, so left the policy standing. I am sure I did however request the policy not be renewed again. This policy cost was around £255 (37.8% increase). Current - The issue Fast forward to 2018, i no longer use the email address they email on as it is full of junk mail. I only found out the policy had renewed after receiving a credit alert of a new finance agreement, after some investigation i found out it was with creation on behalf of HI. The new policy was around £310. I contacted HI 3 days past the 14 day cooling off period. I spoke to a really arrogant team leader who refused to cancel unless i paid the cancellation fees plus additional charges. I said i would discuss with my ex and call back. Again, i had not agreed to a renewal or a new credit agreement. I then received an email on 31st December stating my insurance would be cancelled with no reasons given. I called back again on 07/01/2019 to find out how much the cancellation would actually cost. I was advised this would be £105 (premiums + cancellation fee). I was then dragged into a call with the same supervisor as previous which dragged on for 50 minutes. During the call I mentioned I do not live at the property yet have belongings there and the insurance and every other bill is on my name. The supervisor then mentioned we would not be insured in the event of a claim. I stated she was on the policy documents as well. The supervisor then mentioned my ex would need to be on the deeds. Every time I came to a decision she would try to confuse the matter further - almost just to antagonise me. Two options where on the table: Pay £35 and change the policy into my ex's name only. Pay £105 and cancel the policy. After consideration, the customer service, HI's annoying staff , we decided to pay the £105 and cancel as a new policy elsewhere would have cost around £80, and at least I would not have to deal with their antagonistic supervisor again. The supervisor then demanded I pay the balance immediately. To which I refused and wanted a breakdown. A few days later I receive an email saying I owe them £170. Had we been made aware of this we would not have cancelled and just let the policy run on. So my questions are: They quoted me £105 to leave. Was that binding? I was never advised that I would not be covered if I did not live at the property, and having my ex's name on the policy wouldn’t change anything. Which means I was not actually covered since the inception of the policy. Do I have a right to claim the policy back? - I have requested the call recordings from the inception of the policy. And of the last conversation I had with them - not heard anything back. How long do they have to provide me with the call recordings - I want them for my complaint to the FCA. They added a £10 'set up fee', and the cost of £45 for emergency cover in the £170 Any other advise would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Do you mean the yellow notice? To be honest i cant remember, my partner said she looked and thought it was fine. Although on google maps you can see one at the other side of the road. Unfortunately i am not from London, so getting down there would be costly in fuel lol.
  9. Its definitly a PCN The notice says: "Was seen at location: UNNAMED RD OFF ELM PK HA7 NXTSAINSBURYSCARPARK" I presume this then includes the place where I parked? So its legitimate? Thanks
  10. Hi Guys. I am in need of your help once again. I was in London on the weekend and parked on a Unnamed road in Harrow. This is the road: //g.co/maps/faext (please add the begining of the url your self) I was parked directly opposite the bins. Which had a single Yellow line, with a dash (blip) on the pavement. I received a parking ticket stating: "Parked or Loading / Unloading in a restricted street were waiting and loading / unloading restrictions are in place" at 21:15 in the evening. Having looked at google maps (see image below, i added the red line for the approximate location), the road isnt marked on the maps, also it is unamed. I suspect it is a private road. 1. is this the case? 2. If it is a private road can council enforcement officers give me a ticket there?
  11. Hi Guys. Its renewal time for me again. I have just got some quotes on contents only as i live in a leasehold which also pays my buildings insurance. In the past 2 years i have lived at the property i have mistakenly paid buildings insurance as as well as my contents insurance (outside of the lease). Is there any way of cliaming the buildings insurance back if i can prove i already had insurance as a part of my lease?
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