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  1. Hi, I'll try to keep this brief. I signed up for an iPhone contract with O2 on 06/10/2009 and asked for my current Vodafone number to be ported over when purchasing the phone. I was advised that this would take 48 hours to complete. To cut a long story short, as of today 17/10/2009 my number still is not ported correctly and I am receiving a 'split service'. When making calls from the iPhone using the supplied O2 sim-card the correct ported number displays, however, when anyone tries to call or text me, they all get routed to my Vodafone sim-card which means I have to carry 2 phones around. After numerous calls and complaint e-mails, O2 have basically tried to blame Vodafone. My 14 day cooling off period is almost over so I really want to know what my options are. I want an iPhone but obviously without the split service. Am I entitled to ask for a months credit on my account due to the service I have received and stick with O2 until it is sorted? I want to keep my orginal number from Vodafone either by sticking with 02 or with another operator. If I cancel the contract within the 14 day period, will O2 give me a PAC given the 'split-service' issues? Is it just easier for me to cancel the contract [within the cooling off period] and start afresh with a new number?
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