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  1. Hi No joy AT all !! Pandora really don't care about customer service. I had three options, 1. Pay Pandora to repair their faulty bracelet 2. Pay a jeweller £12 to fix it, or 3, sue them through small claims court. I went for option 2, as far less stressful. I think that's what they count on, wearing people down until they go away. I'll NEVER buy a Pandora product ever again and I've encouraged friends and family not to either.
  2. Thanks ericsbrother !! Great advice, I wouldn't have know where to start !
  3. Ok, so I emailed Pandora again asking who I need to send my report to from my local jewellers regarding the manufacturing fault. They've replied and again said their policy is one year warranty as they consider that 'ample' time to discover any manufacturing faults !!The warranty is determined by the material used and is not a reflection on the life expectancy of the product !! Faults outside this time are deemed wear and tear and NOT manufacturing faults. Further more, they are " not at liberty to give out personal contact information of Pandora staff !!! They're really going to mak
  4. Pandora make their own products and sell via franchise outlets all under the Pandora brand. The catch can't be repaired, so I need a replacement. The bracelet itself is about £60, so not a huge amount but once you factor in the charms, these are expensive bracelets, especially considering they're only silver. The store keep saying they have to follow head office policy..ie out of warranty so tough ! I'm going to have a huge battle I know...but hopefully it'll get resolved !
  5. THANKYOU ! Will do...I know it's probably easier and less stressful to buy a replacement, but their attitude has astounded me. I'll get the ball rolling asap !
  6. I have a Pandora bracelet and over the last 18 months have collected loads of charms, having them as birthday and Christmas presents. I've probably got about £800 worth of them . The bracelet is out of the standard one year warranty (by 7 months), but recently despite only being worn for special occasions, it broke and fell off my wrist. Luckily I was at home so didn't lose anything. The bracelet itself is in excellent condition, in fact only days prior to this I had it professionally cleaned in a Pandora store. I've taken it to two jewellers and both say its cl
  7. Hi Amanda I actually googled the CEO of Boots and emailed him directly (sorry, I can't remember the details). Obviously he didn't respond BUT it was passed to someone VERY senior. I respectfully asked that they write the debt off as they were causing both me and my son considerable stress. I also complained about the tactics of Corporate Consortium and mentioned how rude they were when I phoned them to resolve this. The stupid thing is, every time CC wrote to my son, the figures quoted were always so different ! Sometimes higher, sometimes lower. I also think its disgusting that su
  8. *** FIRST CHOICE update ********* First Choice WILL not refund my hotel charges for the 4 days I had booked, even though the hotel have said they themselves would not expect payment. After a long heated discussion First Choice claimed that the Hotel would have already been paid. Fair enough, I can go back to hotel as they`d said I could re book.HOWEVER, when I asked First Choice to confirm in writing that they HAD paid the hotel, they refused to do so !!! Easyjet, I have to say were fantastic, they`ve allowed me to rebook my trip, but now I`m stuffed as I can`t get accomodation
  9. Hi I booked with First Choice, for hotel only 20th Dec for 4 nights in Albufeira. I paid in full at the time of booking.Now, due to travel disruption, I didn`t travel and contacted the hotel directly to let them know we weren`t travelling. They have confirmed that they WILL not be charging and have advised that I contact First Choice directly for a refund, which I have just done via email, with a copy of the hotels email confirming that they don`t expect payment. What rights do I have in so far as getting my money back, bearing in mind that First Choice haven`t paid anything to the
  10. Thanks for that Sidewinder ! Will do ! I just don`t want the b**gers trying to track him down when he starts uni causing him grief.
  11. Hi Sidewinder Yes the company address is The Corporate Consortium, regd office Capiol House St Marys Road, Watford. Registration number 3625539
  12. Hi Not sure if in the right place, please move if not ! My student son worked for (edit) as his saturday job whilst at college and left in May. He was paid up to date, but was aware he may have had too much holiday pro rata, but wasn`t sure. He had to write to head office about references etc, but did mention that if he did in fact owe any hours, he`d happily make them up in any store that was easy to commute to. That was at the very beginning of June. He received an email back in response which addressed the points he`d raised in his letter but made NO mention of any hours owed.
  13. OOOPs ! I`ve already posted cheque and request to Lombard and a letter to Arden telling them I will no longer deal with them. I`ll give it the 12 days and see what Lombard come back with. If Arden respond to my letter should I then send them the account in dispute letter or Lombard? By the way, a big thank you Cerberusalert for all your help!
  14. Well, Arden sent my £1 back and told me to send to Lombard, which I`ve now done. Does anyone know if Arden and Lombard are one and the same as their addresses are almost identical? Arden is PO box 15276 Solihull, whilst Lombard is PO 15274 ! In the meantime Arden have written several letters saying I have not sent back I & E, and that they will now be charging for letters and calls !! (despite a previous letter they sent confirming receipt of I & E). I knew I shouldn`t have bothered sending in the first place as they aren`t even entitled to it, but there you go. Its time
  15. Thanks ! CCA sent an hour ago recorded delivery. Will post up if and when they respond.
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