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  1. Going for bank and credit card charges first.
  2. Should I send out the bank charges request first, before sending out the CCA s78? or doesn't it matter?
  3. I did spend a few minutes thinking for a word to replace fraud and I haven't sent any documention to any companies as yet. It's just my thoughts.
  4. If I asked every Bank, Credit Company, loan company in the land for every CCA application they have produced in the last 30 years. That would be very telling indeed. You might see a pattern of years of embracing the CCA 1974, followed by years when the cca 1974 hasn't been embraced, probably down to commercial reasons.
  5. They've had 30 years to get it right, they've done it on hundreds of thousands of agreements, the scale of it gets you thinking.
  6. If certain terms have been omitted form CCA's then why is it just unenforcable? why isn't it a fraudulant document? If I printed off a £50 note and presented it to a bank for a transaction that would be fraud, is it not the same case with these CCA's printed off by the banks, credit card companies and others. The CCA 1974 has been around for over 30 years. The banks, credit card companies and others have had many years to get it right, yet they continue to hoodwink consumers, thus disadvantaging them. The Act is there to protect 'consumers'.
  7. They did the opposite for me, they created accounts. The first time I was told I'd get a better rate of insterest. I expected that transaction to go on my existing account, but instead they created a new account. The second time I wrote a credit card cheque, I had plenty of credit left on my existing account, but instead they created a new account. I didn't know about. Unenforceable accounts, they actually sent me copies of my agreements. Looking at them and the sticky they look unenforcable.
  8. All my credit cards were obatained before April 2007. So I think I'll start by trying to obtain copies of my CCA.
  9. Can I go ahead and ask Barclaycard for a copy of my signed CCA?
  10. Barclaycard have taken over the Goldfish accounts, does that make any difference?
  11. I'll get all the relevant details together and post for sunday.
  12. I wrote to the FO first. I was then contacted by the Credit Card Company. They denied doing anything wrong. It's rather complex.
  13. I went to the Financial ombudsman, they offered £50 but I didn't take the offer up.
  14. I've got a credit card account. I wrote a credit card cheque, but instead of the cheque amount going on to my existing credit card account, the credit card company set up a new account with a different account number. It's the second time they've done that. Can they do that? What can I do about that?
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