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  1. The FOS is a waste of space, before folks start throwing hub caps, just my opinion.
  2. They were/are responsible for the pump and dump of oil futures. They send out a note that a 'super bubble' will occur in oil futures. Oil future traders pile into to 'buy' oil futures chasing it higher and higher. Goldman Sachs release another note stating that a 'mega bubble' could occur e.g. a terriorist event. Oil future traders chase it higher to the price of oil at the 'mega bubble' level. There is a lot more to it. Oil futures is related to what we pay for gas and electricity.
  3. It was clearly CDS, apparently they were based on what David Bowie did with his back Catalogue. Then theres the UK government, their belief on 'lightly regulating the financial markets'. They still maintain thats the best way to go. CDS's were a bit like buying a lottery ticket, the odds of winning were huge.
  4. People shouldn't be scared to travel, if you lose your ticket, again your travelling without a ticket. Your in breach of the law as soon as you lose it. They will fine you straight away. Then you clearly have to prove otherwise. Another port of call might be the Citizen Advice Bureau.
  5. The lady has already admitted that shes in the wrong, she is willing to pay a reasonable fine. By taking it to court, the train companies want a bit more plus. The other thing is that this lady hasn't been in trouble before - so thats a big plus for the lady. When you write to the court make sure you mention that you've offered to pay a reasonable fine. That you have never ever been in trouble before. That the ticket office was closed. The ticket machine wasn't working. That you made a mistake, an error of judgement and thats easily done. And your not sure why the train company want to ta
  6. If the train companies had a ticket machine that issued a ticket with just the time on it and that the ticket office is closed. Thats all that is needed. If a train is on it's way, it's so easy to think I'll pay at the other end, it's wrong but that does go threw the mind. There could be a big queue for numerous reasons. The ticket machine has broken down, the ticket office is closed. You are automatically guilty of travelling without a ticket.
  7. Dick Turpin would be proud of them, highway robbery comes to mind. Hopefullly people will move to other banks.
  8. My point is that go back several thousand generations, what would Mr. Griffins ancestors look like? What would everyones ancestors look like? Unfortunately he can't deny evolution.
  9. MBNA is a nightmare. I went to the FO about MBNA opening a new account when I wrote a Credit Card cheque. They did it again. They basically do what they like.
  10. silverfox, I sent off Subject Access Requests for five accounts yesterday. The plan of action is to get all credit card and bank charges out of the way first. Then see what I can do on the unforceable agreement front. I might see if I can negotiate down some of the debt. All my agreements were taken out before April 2004. I'm going to need a lot of help. One step at a time I guess.
  11. The FOS are a waste of space. Just my opinion.
  12. Sent off 5 Subject Access Requests yesterday. 3 envolpes which all weighed the same, same size. The lady at the counter, first letter went threw her measuring device, but she pretended she couldn't get the other two letters threw. But by magic I told her to push harder. She wanted to charge me more for recoreded delivery.
  13. Apparently one of their policies is that the Armed Forces should be allowed to keep their guns when they leave the Armed Forces. Now that is a stupid policy. The bottom line is that all personkind originated from the continent of Africa.
  14. This is excellent. I'd keep a record of what happened when and who said what. Employment terms and conditions : Directgov - Employment
  15. Should read personnel director / human resources
  16. adiec, I'm no expert, but what you could do is send a letter to the Personal Director stating how your suspension occured, what drove you to say what you said and that you feel you have been treated unfairly. If you've been there over a year I think you could take the matter to an employment tribunal. Any letters you send make sure you send it recorded delivery, make sure you keep a copy. Someone might mention Construct Dismissal , I think you want carry on working there, thats really not an option. You should really work through a grievance procedure, but if you've got a copy of the
  17. rebel11


    wino, many thanks.
  18. rebel11


    I'm going to send it to: HSBC Bank Plc Service Quality Team Arlington Business Centre Millshaw Park Lane Leeds LS11 0PP Thats one of the addresses on the contact information list, I'm sure they'll pass it on.
  19. Unfortunately though he was handed over to another team of doctors so we are not in contact with that doctor anymore.... All you need to do is contact the Doctors secretary at the Hospital, he has been seeing your Husband so he can write reports, whatever is needed.
  20. Nowayjose, I know what your husband is going through. I have a friend who has UC. I think the best thing might be to approach CAB also speak to your Doctor. I would also speak to the consultant your husband see's at the hospital. All the stress will not help your husbands condition.
  21. Thanks whizz, a poor effort on my part to help
  22. I'm going for the bank and credit card charges first. I intend to send them the Subject Access Request to get hold of statement.
  23. rebel11


    Does anyone know the latest address to send a Subject Access Request for HSBC? Thanks in advance
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