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  1. Thats not acceptable. Phone the Managing Directors office and explain the situation. It's totally unacceptable. Tell them you want a replacement latest saturday or your money back. Sale of Goods Act | Consumer Information
  2. I've got two CCA's before '98. But in that period I've had five account numbers for the two accounts. I'm looking into that.
  3. unredacted, Just a quick question, have they ever changed your account numbers? I've had my MBNA account for a similar period.
  4. johnnymitch, Cheers, I've got a overdraft & Flexi loan, I need to sort out the bank charges first, then see if the agreements are unenforceable, then proceed from there. She stated that she didn't have much info infront of her, but who knows. I think I've got a copy of my Flex agreement. I know what you mean.
  5. Reminds me of what Al Murray the Pub Landlord said recently, he summed it up nicely.
  6. Everything, but she said it would take 40 days etc, it would be quite a lot of stuff. I've got quite a lot of the correspondence over the last 10 years. But I think one of my backup has failed, so some stuff my be missing, I need to look into it.
  7. Sent HSBC an SAR, just had a call, they will send statements free. It seemed like they didn't want to send me anything else.
  8. Disciplinary procedures: meetings and decisions : Directgov - Employment
  9. Clearly your lucky to have each other.Tell him not to stress over it, thats exactly what the 'boss' wants. As you said he gets his kicks from bullying others.
  10. It's up to your husband what he settles for, so he is within his rights. From how you've described your husband, he's easy going, helps out in a crisis, mild and meek if you like. The 'boss' is thinking he can take advantage of your husbands demeanour.
  11. As I said it's a risky strategy, but it is what I would do. The 'boss' has provided the ammunition, he's highlighted the H & S issues. The H & S usually start by looking at the issues mentioned then do a through H & S audit. Thats the last thing the 'boss' would want. The 'boss' will just want shot of your husband. So your Husband should get what he is entitled to, but it might be an idea to tag a written reference to the list of wants, stop him being spiteful in the future. All your husband needs to do ask the boss where the H & S Executive office is? and when the 'b
  12. Tiger Balm - might help, but rest usually does the trick. Got any favourite food mum hasn't cooked in a while? that might do the trick:)
  13. Interest rates have been at there lowest, yet Credit Cards haven't reduced them. They hike them but never reduce them. BBC NEWS | Programmes | Working Lunch | Why are credit card rates on the rise?
  14. Some unfair credit card terms are to be outlawed under proposals being put forward by the government BBC NEWS | Business | Credit card terms 'to be curbed'
  15. This is a high risk strategy. This is only what I would do. The boss is using H & S issues in the main to reduce your husbands period of notice. It's amazing how these H & S issues have come to light at the end of his employment period and not before. I would get your husband to ask the boss where the local Health and Executive Office is, that should get the boss thinking. Your husband has proof in the letters he's received. Not a nice way to get things sorted, but the last thing the boss would want is dealing with the Health and Saftey Executive, as they can dish out fines.
  16. 'Penalty Fare' was part of the website address, I wasn't referring to anything.
  17. Yep, the sort of reply I expected. Theres nothing completely or utterly wrong in what I've said. Defending your corner I have no problems with that.
  18. How much does it cost for the train company to take the matter to court, the person taken to court clearly has to pay that. Plus, it's good for the rail companies stats. There are probably prosecution targets in place. I'll leave it at that.
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