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  1. As I said you can't expect to get any sense out of the Boss. The Boss is struggling, because things aren't going the way he invisaged. He expected your other half to lay down and take the rubbish. I would send him an innocent e-mail requesting the address of the local Health & Safety Executive and how to get there. Keep your head up.
  2. I think Nationwide were fined recently for there lack of Data Protection Controls.
  3. I would inform the data protection people, that is totally unacceptable. It probably breaches the Data Protection Act.
  4. http://www.consumerforums.com/resources/templates-library/57-statutes.html http://www.consumerforums.com/resources/templates-library/86-debt-collectors/581-cca-request-letter
  5. The thing is it was probably the wrong kind of case, to be presented as a 'test case'. Didn't the Judge pass the case on for some clarity.
  6. meg&mog, I was suspended whilst I was on holiday, Retail is a shocking sector, I should really write a book, I think it is worse if your honest and hard working.
  7. 'We do have text messeges and facebook messages' Don't forget to print them off.
  8. You've got quite a lot of evidence, you can also get witness statements from family members or friends to support your claim.
  9. Don't forget there should be proof that you had the car before, DVLA records.
  10. rebel11

    Rebel11 v MBNA

    I will send SAR, lets see what they send. Then i'll send them a S85, I think the're in default. They restarted one account without a new CCA after 5 years, no statement until Dec 2004.
  11. Will send off SAR today for the two accounts, but the five account numbers they've used.
  12. I loaned a friend £3,000 in 1997, got it back 2009, I didn't charge him any interest, thats what I said when I loaned it to him. Didn't have anything in writing. At the time he had lost his job, had debts and was feeling down. I cleared his credit card debts.
  13. misselle, Most holiday companies are part of ABTA, just follow the instructions on there site. Resolving Disputes: a step-by-step guide - ABTA
  14. The plan of action I think is:- a) Send SAR - to see what statements they send. b) S85 - they should have sent me a new agreement to sign as they allocated a new account number in 2004. My knowledge is limited. But I think thats what I need to do.
  15. The point is that I signed an agreement in 1996. The account existed up to 1999. Nothing for 5 years until they restarted it, no statements, no credit cards, no new agreements to sign.
  16. I've got a copy of the original agreement, it's the second one in the MBNA Library. MBNA sent it to me in 2005 to back up there stance.
  17. Some verbal agreements are binding. Some have to be written contracts.
  18. Don't forget there's Trading Standards to assist you and I'm sure if they get enough complaints, they would pay them a visit, as the company isn't capable of customer service at any level.
  19. I reckon the converstaion that should of happened is as follows, e.g. John did you know that you forgot to pay, what happened? John explains why he was in a rush. O.K. John don't let it happen again, your in a senior position. John I expect to see your till receipt before lunch tomorrow. End of.
  20. What he does need to do is make notes of events, such as what happened, times, dates, who suspended him, what they said. All communication. It's important.
  21. I think all solicitors have to register with the Law Society to practice, you could explain to them whats happened. I think the Law Society would take a dim view of it. Contact them on Monday. The Law Society - Complaints about solicitors
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