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  1. This site has Rules, please read them, unlike other sites, if you don't follow the site Rules the Site Team will take action to make sure you do.
  2. Hi Joey Is this the form you filled in? https://online.hmrc.gov.uk/shortforms/form/CeaseTrading
  3. Hi infinity2022 The letter you receive will have directions to the next stage of the appeal process. I believe you need to write to TFL Prosecutions Department. Here's some more info:- http://www.tfl.gov.uk/cdn/static/cms/documents/revenue-enforcement-and-prosecutions-policy.pdf Remember there are now two separate issues here, 1) The lack of compentancy of IRCAS. 2) The next stage in the appeal process to TFL. Don't get the two mixed up.
  4. Concentrate on resolving the main issue, so only send the letter to Transport Investigations Limited at the moment, wait for them to respond.
  5. Hi leeward30 You should only communicate with them in writing. Don't speak to them over the phone. Send a letters, Recorded Delivery. You don't need a solicitor, you can take them to the Small Claims Court. Start getting all the evidence together if you are sure of about your claim. The court can order them to provide you with documents once you lodge a claim. You missed an opportunity to go to an Employment Tribunal. There's a letter in post 10, just remove the line regarding 'The Employment Tribunal'. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?28629
  6. I don't want to make light of your situation, this has echo's of 'Plebgate', I'm still trying to get my head around the waste of money and time on all sides. In life 'yes' has one more character in it then 'no', but is much, much more difficult to say.
  7. Hi sniper101 You can now consider writing to the company as you have the reference number, in your letter quote the Ref Number on the letter. An example of a letter can be found in post no.18 in the link below. Amend it accordingly so you quote the correct railway regulation in the letter and that applies to your case, that will be stated in the letter you received from TFL. Don't copy the letter.Your letter needs to have more substance and be personalized to your particular case. Convey that you regret your actions and are apologetic as you do in your initial post.
  8. Hi Stu In 1988 the rules were probably different where there was an automatic exemption from precsription. Somewhere along the line it's changed where you had to apply every 5 years and they send you an auto renewal form. Again, I couldn't tell you how long 'the every 5 years' renewal has been running. I don't think you can appeal and it is 'very unfair'. You could consider contacting your MP, see if they can intervene. A similar situation tp yours:- http://www.diabetes.co.uk/forum/threads/prescription-fine.68038/#post-688437 I
  9. Hi Stu Welcome to CAG Could you provide further details? You have 1 Diabetes what precludes you from receiving this free prescription?
  10. Hi Tugela It would have been prudent whilst you were there to make arrangements, because there was a good chance under the circumstances that your former employer more then likely would said 'no'. Was there a specific 'relocation' package when you moved out there? If so were there any 'T & C's' with that package, were costs would be covered?
  11. 'Admin error' lol, really, management pull all sorts of stunts, management say 'if I do that', then 'I might get this out come', They've already identified all the possible outcomes. They've done this many times before. It's about controlling situations.
  12. What you need to do is read post (6), the link provides the format and what you should say in the letter. When you start arguing your case, but then wanting them not to proceed, you start eroding any desire they have to be lenient and allow an out of court settlement. Your mitigating circumstances are that 'recovering from a recent hospitialisation for surgery'. If you can send proof, a Doctors letter etc, that would help your case.
  13. Old-CodJA, my reference to 'unfairness' is that, if this fails it's the customers responsibility, if that fails it's down to the customer, if the 'app' (as firstclassx states) fails it down to the customer, the TOC take no responsibilty whatsoever. 'The app may well have "bugs", but unfortunately, ATW don't manufacture smartphones, so it is just as likely that your mobile phone has a bug, which means the app plays up, rather than the app being defective.'
  14. Write to your MP, http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/, you could consider contacting the local newspaper.
  15. Lets us know what they say. Internet Archive (Google), should have past pages relevant to your complaint.
  16. Hi Cealz14 Welcome to CAG How did you pay them? Credit Card or Debit Card? Do not speak to them over the phone, communicate in writing, send all letters Recorded Delivery. The following applies Goods and Services Act 1982:- http://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/supply-of-goods-and-services-act-1982 Send the following:- http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/wales/consumer_w/consumer_common_problems_with_service_providers_e/consumer_poor_quality_service_e/supply_of_goods_and_services_act_-_services.htm
  17. Hi Tugela Could you provide the whole story, please? Why could you only bring one suitcase? Who has your belongings? Why are they responsible for returing your belongings? etc.
  18. Hi LiamNotBD Can you not print them off?, 'I have a history of old used tickets within the app,'. When you send your letter, they will hopefully give your letter full consideration, but ultimately it is up to them how they wish to proceed on all the information they have. What you need to do is present the best case possible so they give it full consideration and are lenient. Also worrying over Christmas really can't effect matters, it's just a waste of energy. This might be helpful:- http://www.arrivatrainswales.co.uk/RevenueEnforcementPolicy/
  19. These are the contact details for the founder:- 'Roger Sumner-Rivers on 07818 066359 or email roger@deliverplus.co.uk Roger will be happy to discuss your'. Not sure how current they are.
  20. Hi LiamNotBD No, it's not significant, but if you want to complain about the technology not working, then complain to the CEO. It's a totally separate matter to 'travelling without a valid ticket' which they have accused you of. You can now consider writing to the company as you have the reference number, in your letter quote the Ref Number on the letter. An example of a letter can be found in post no.18 in the link below. Amend it accordingly so you quote the correct railway regulation in the letter and that applies to your case. Don't copy the letter.Your letter needs t
  21. No, all the energy companies have the same info on their website.
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