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  1. Hi JohnJordan


    The following applies to online transactions:-




    You could write a Formal Letter of Complaint, mark it as such. Explain what's happened, how they have let you down and what you want them to do.


    Send it to:-


    Mr Michael Sharp

    Chief Executive



  2. Hi Accused


    Welcome to CAG


    Sounds like an overzealous security guard, you should definately complain. No doubt CCTV will back up your complaint.


    Write a Formal Letter of Complaint, mark it as such. Explain what's happened, how they have let you down and what you want them to do.


    Point out that your family spends thousands of pounds at ASDA each year.


    Send it to:-


    Mr Andy Clarke

    Chief Executive




    New thread created.

  3. Keep checking every couple of days so the bank don't forget.


    Hi all, quick update, I phoned the bank today, because the payment hasn't left yet they cannot issue a charge back at the moment, but they are now aware of my problem and will look into it for me.


    Thanks for all your advice and I will keep updating as soon as I know.

    Thank you to all, Sid.

  4. Hi lily


    Welcome to CAG


    It might be that you need to write to the TNT CEO in Italy, but I'm sure TNT UK can pass on your email.


    Write a Formal Letter of Complaint, mark it as such. Explain what's happened, how they have let you down and what you want them to do.


    Email it to:-


    Mr Nick Wells

    Chief Executive

    TNT Post



    Let us know what he says.

  5. Police called to home of Jan and Julia Tshabalala on

    Christmas morning

    • Relative and neighbour discovered couple's bodies in West Sussex house
    • Their two children, who had disabilities, were not at home at the time
    • Hours earlier the children had Christmas dinner with their parents
    • Thought that the couple were found dead after an apparent suicide pact


  6. Silverfox and the team will provide further guidance shortly. They say all sorts of stuff to 'force' you to pay.


    The manager repeated 3 or more times that they would be informing my university, and said that this was their company policy and how they handled every similar case. And that is would be the same if it was my employer, instead of an educational establishment like in this case.
  7. Hi Lozarian


    Welcome to CAG


    Firstly clam down. All that is likely to happen is that Drydens will send you a load of speculative invoices. Under Data Protection rules they can't inform your university as that would be a breach of the Data Protection Principles. You won't have a criminal record as you haven't been arrested and processed through the legal system. When receive the speculative invoices just file them away. Update this thread.

  8. Send another letter, ask them to reconsider, maybe send some medical evidence, a doctors letter showing that he has been under considerable stress and pressure because of his father-in-law and wife's illnessess. Send copies of the tickets. If it isn't resolved by the date of the hearing then he still has an opportunity on the day of the hearing, but lets not think about that at the moment. He has mitigating circumstances get the proof so they can see it's out of character, get a character reference as well.


  9. Hi cardiff150508


    You can consider writing to the company as you have the reference number. In your letter quote the Ref Number on the letter previously sent to you. An example of a letter can be found in post no.18 in the link below.


    Amend it accordingly so you quote the correct railway regulation in the letter and that applies to your case. Don't copy the letter.link3.gifYour letter needs to have more substance and be personalized to your particular case. Convey that your son regrets his actions and is apologetic.


    Also send photocopies of your ticket purchases as proof that you pay and abide by railway regulations, this is very important.


    Also add any mitigating cirumstances, i.e. his work/career, any health issues etc.


    Send it Recorded Delivery.


    Also don't mention any figures, let them come back to you with a figure.


    http://www.consumeractiongroup.c o.uk...ly-travel-card


    The matter can even be settled out of court on the day of the hearing.


    You need to keep trying.



  10. Contact your Card Provider, ask to carry out a Chargeback. Follow up by sending the amended template.


    Do it as soon as possible. See if they can refund the total amount, explain what PC World have tried to do.




    Send the following Recorded Delivery:-




    Debit card unfortunately :(
  11. Hi lizzielaw


    Are there any similar complaints regarding Carpetright and wrong description of carpets the same as yours on the internet?


    Thank you for the responses. I paid by credit card. I have been through the 'protection' that this is supposed to afford consumers. I have been told that I do no have a case because I have no evidence that this was not the same as the sample of carpet that I ordered from.

    There are no records of the samples - my sister even tried by asking a shop in London. They could not be found. The manager of the store brought a sample from the roll from the warehouse to my house to show me that it was the same. He did not seem to realise that this was never in contention - of course it came from the roll - I had such offcuts myself.

    I have dealt with 'ombudsman' before with other complaints and my experience is that they always side with the 'expert.'

    I just find it quite extraordinary that the excuse finally given was that there was a natural variation in the colour' of sheeps' wool! To me it virtually admits that the carpet you see will not neccessarily be the same as the one you get.

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