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  1. Thank you for getting back to me, i will ring tommorow. its crazy how they can get away with doing what they do!
  2. Hi thanks for your replies. On checking the form they want me to sign, its also a declaration to say that i agree to them to do any kind of checks on me in anyway they need to, to confirm i am who i say i am (well my mam anyway) i really dont like to give them any kind of power like this. What i really want to do is send them a letter giving them one last chance to provide me with everything i request and state why i do not want to give them a signature and personal information(i dont want them to forge a document) and state that if they still refuse to supply me with these then i will make
  3. Hi I had a letter off them regarding the subject access request and they sent a form to complete which will obviously require signature, i really dont want them to have signature at all to be honest so im a bit stuck at what to do now. i may complain about them that theywont release this information, would that be wise?
  4. the godmother; we are still waiting for bank account statements from barclays. but i do know the account she has wont allow her a cheque book due to her credit status
  5. hi just an update i had a reply from them saying that they recevied the letter from me about the not needind a signature and they will not send me the credit agreement till they get a signature. sounds like they aint going to budge. i did send a request for all the infomation they have yesterday but i assume they defo wont do that without a signature, any ideas?
  6. Thanks for the above info I'm sending the letter off in the morning, just wondering is it best to send the £10 fee by postal order? i dont have a cheque book. x
  7. Hi I just have a quick update with Paragon I requested the credit agreement and they then sent me a letter saying that they couldn’t give me the agreement with sufficient evidence I am who I say, so they needed a hand written letter and a signed signature. Of course I did not send them this; I typed a copy of the letter that says you don’t need my signature (If you know what I mean). Anyway I have just had this reply back off them, can someone give me advice on where to go next, they seem to be ignoring any letter I send. Dear ********* This is a notice of default sum
  8. Hi my mum has actually had a letter off them today, and they also dont appear on her credit report, very strange. She has never had a letter off them before this is the first time. It says its an old Barclay card account.
  9. Sorry, also another thing on the breakdown of payments in may 04 it says a payment was made by cheque and then goes back to standing order. but in may 05 it then goes back to cheque till june 06. Thing is my mam has never in her life had a cheque book, there's something not quite right about this
  10. Thanks Jogs i will do that, there is something a bit odd though. When i found out my mum had all the debt in her name i did a experian on her and it showed on her credit history with Paragon she did not pay from march 2003 onwards, on the breakdown march 2003 is when the payment went from direct debit to standing order. However in the breakdown it says that the payments continued till 2005 at the original amount!?
  11. Hey Guys So i got a letter off paragon today (mums debt) And it says here is a detailed breakdown of your account as requested. It then goes on to the payments and additions to the account, unfortunantly the last payment made was £10 that was made 01st June 2006, so the limitation act will not apply....sadly. At that time the account balance was £5443.18, now the account balance is £10,399.29!!! ( it says this is the agreed shortfall- dont know what that means) the other charges are made of telephone calls, letters, interest, trace costs. Seriously i am having palpitations here
  12. I recently sent Paragon a letter, 3 letters infact. First letter was the letter in regards to the current "alleged" debt they hold for me. Second letter was suggesting different phone companies they could use, detailing competitive buisness rates so that they wouldnt have to charge £20 per phonecall if they manged to contact me, what ever that means. and the 3rd letter was detailing the complaint procedure to royal mail, which went along the lines of "Please find enclosed the complaints procedure for royalmail as i think they may be over charging you,£10 per every letter is pretty effing e
  13. Hi i worked for t-mobile for a number of years, in the cancellation departments actually. And i gotta say there really isnt any loop hole when it comes to cancelling the contract early or changing your price plan down - none at all...sorry. Do you know of anyone who can take your contract over? thats what alot of people used to do There used to be alot of loop holes for this sort of thing where the majority of t-mobile staff all took full advantage for, however as time has gone by alot of the low price plans have been discontinued and once you agree to the 18 months on what ever price pla
  14. Hi yes i had the same problem, but not just with that company also with a few others. I think royal mail have had a few problems. I sent debitas letters at the beginning of the week and they were signed for. Can i just ask im having a huge problem getting payment slips from them, they keep saying that they are sending them out but they never do and now they are sending threatening letters saying because payment is not made it will be passed on to another agency
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