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  1. Hi


    Could I just check that the bank account details are still correct? My daughter rather stupidly took out a loan with these people before Christmas and then lost her job!


    They are a nightmare to deal with. I'm just off the phone with them and they are really abusive. Plus he also proceeded to tell me all about my daughters loan even though I'm not the account holder and refused to confirm the security details!


    He told me that they do not accept repayment plans and the loan would continue to roll over with additional costs til it could be cleared in one go.


    I accept that she owes the money and will make every effort to repay but this guy I spoke to was horrible saying "She's lost her job, well boohoo she still has to repay" and "We will ruin her credit report forever". I've fired a complaint off to both them and OFT. He said the call was being recorded at the beginning, I bloody hope so.

  2. Hi


    I apologise for starting a new thread as there are others on overpayment of salary but though they were a great help I still need a wee bit more advise.


    I was a civil servant for some 20 years. I went off sick in August 2008 I didn't return and was dismissed through ill health in March 2009. A few weeks ago I was sent a letter stating I was over paid for the month of September 2008. I asked for a breakdown of these figures but had heard nothing til a court summons arrived this morning. I have phoned back and the break down is on it's way.


    Having just got my other debts (Some £20,000) sorted on a plan this is a real blow. I'm told that they will not add a further debt to it. Anyway the amount I owe is for £1,200. While I was off sick I received no pay slips so I couldn't check whether this amount is right. I was only given my pay slips after I was dismissed. I was asked to go to the office to pick up my personal belongings and with them was an envelope containing 7 months pay slips. I gather from the other posts that I will have to pay this money back but I was wondering if there would be anyway I could negotiate a lesser sum as I advised them from the first day of my illness so cant understand how they made an error.


    I am still in financial hardship and this is another knock. Any ideas about how to get this sum down would be gratefully received as would any comment on what to do next.

  3. Hi


    After a lengthy illness I'm trying to sort out my mess of debt. I received a letter from a firm of solicitors saying they were acting for Hillesden Securities and I owed £2000. I had never had an account with them so asked for further details including a copy of the credit agreement so I could figure out what was happening. They replied stating that it was in relation to a bank account I had back in 1998. It appears I had been overdrawn and charges have increased the debt to the £2000 figure. I had completely forgot about this acccount and find it incredible no one has been in touch in 12 years. They have no credit agreement, what they have sent me is a copy of an "upgrade form" upgrading my savings account to a current account. They say as the debt has now been purchased by Hillesden Securities and the charges cant be reviewed so the full amount is due.


    Then last week and today I received a letter from DLC saying it is them that are acting for Hillsden in the recovery procedure and I should pay them not the other solicitor or company. Yet the solicitor is saying that I should be paying them and not DLC who aren't their client.


    Any idea how I resolve this? I'm terrified of offering to pay one company and then in a few months finding the other company still chasing.


    Also given this upgrade form, is this enforceable or should I be asking for something else. I had a look at the section on credit agreements but wasn't sure how it stood with overdrafts.


    Many thanks in advance for any help that can be given.

  4. Hi sorry to resurrect an old thread but this has just happened to me with the exact same details and amount from vodaphone showing up on my internet banking statement. What I cant understand is why is vodaphone allowing people to top up phones with cards that aren't registered to the same name and address as the phone.


    I have only ever used my card ar so called reputable sites...next, bhs and la senza and yet it still hapened. I have only ever given the details over the phone when I made an additional payment to my credit card but as this is with the same bank as my debit card they would already have the details.

  5. Hi


    First can I say that this forum has been a godsend. To be able to see that you are not the only one struggling helps deal with emotional side of debt problems.


    Basically I'm looking for some advice as to what people think may be my best way forward. I have around £25000 unsecured debt. All of it is in my name except an overdraft of around £2000 on what was a joint account with my husband. We now both have basic bank accounts at the Co-op. I have suffered ill health over the last three years, culminating in losing my job through ill health in March. It is unlikely I will be fit enough to work for around another year.


    I spoke to a money adviser at the CAB by phone and have an appointment in around two weeks but they indicated a DAS wouldn't be possible as I'm on benefits and suggested the LILA scheme.


    The house is owned by my husband and always has been, I am not named on the deeds. He bought it around 15 years ago and I moved in about 5 years ago. The debts were incurred before I met him and were being paid through a debt management plan with Paypal til I lost my job. I'm told by the CAB that under Scottish law the AIB wont consider the house as an asset of mine in these circumstances. Is that right?


    I'm terrified he will lose his house through something I did before we even met. It could spell the end of our relationshipas I've already attempted suicide and he has been very understanding so far but I'm not sure how much further I can ask him to go. He is not working through ill health and recent surgery although the bank has frozen his mortgage payments til he goes back to work so at least there is no arrears there. Apart from the joint overdraft I mentioned he is debt free.


    So my question is in peoples general experience is it better to struggle on and try to come to an arrangement where I can make token payments until things get better or bite the bullet and go for the sequestration.


    The other question is, if it is the case that I'm sequestrated do I have to tell my life and home insurers if the policy has been up and running or does the question only apply to new policies?


    Many thanks

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