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  1. Well said! Just to update this thread, i m still in the same job, things are getting worse. I have been expected to take on even more responsibility, and still no mention of any promotion or payrise. I am looking for other jobs but so far no luck. I daren't just leave (though i've been tempted to hand my notice in so many times!), as if you leave a job and don't find anything else you can't even claim JSA for 6 months (i think?). I don't think i'd have much trouble getting a temp job really, but i just can't afford to risk being out of work. My boss is piling more and more onto me,
  2. I can't afford to live on SSP, and i don't want it to look bad on my record for a future job. I have thought about going to my GP for help managing the stress, but going off sick is not an option. I don't want to go into further detail in case i am identified, things are bad enough already, i realise this makes it harder to get an idea of the situation.
  3. I doubt i will be able to prove constructive dismissal as it boils down to my word against his, there are no other staff members to back me up and no grievance proceedure. My main problem is that he is acting illegally in several areas, and either thinks i am too dumb to realise or just expects me to go along with it, which i wouldn't of course. I am worried though that i might get dragged into it, i can't report him as he will know where it's come from. I have to get out but i still can't find a new job, would i be able to claim JSA if i left or would they refuse me as i left the job??
  4. I don't really want to get a written contract now, as my boss will probably make me sign up to one month's notice when i want to leave... and at the moment with no contract it's only 2 weeks (right?). I have decided i just want out, as the situation is becoming unbearable. If i hand my notice in can my boss make me leave any sooner than the date i give? I haven't got anything else lined up yet but my life is being made a misery on a daily basis, my employer is rubbish and has no respect for the law so i don't see it getting any better
  5. i have asked for it, i was told it wasn't needed and the issue was brushed under the carpet. So it is 28 days now is it? I've taken 20 and been told any more and i'll have deductions! Oh and my payslips don't show how many hours i worked and holidays taken, every other job they have, do they need to include this info? It is a small office and 'rocking the boat' will make the working environment even more unbearable. I work 43 hours. If i take him to an ET won't that impact negatively on future jobs?
  6. Hi, i have been working at the same very small company for over two years now and am having a few problems. I have no contract of employment, and when i started i was doing a fairly basic admin/reception job as there was a more senior staff member to handle the bigger things. However he left shortly after i started and i have gradually taken on his duties in addition to my own. I have not had a promotion or payrise, and i work a six day week for barely more than the minimum wage. I know the other member of staff was on quite a bit more, and my boss has made it clear i will not be getting an in
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