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  1. Hi, The rent is charged weekly at £69.33 and they currently are one week in arrears as they have been paying £277 a month but one of the months fell as a 5 week month, hence the arrears. However, I have researched this and apparently I cannot evict them under section 8 until they are at least 8 weeks in arrears and I don't want to wait until it gets so bad. However, it is a council house that I am subletting so, I am responsible for any arrears and if there are any arrears what so ever there is a risk of eviction or of me losing the house. I'm also curious as to whether I can serve them notice on a breach of contract as they have disposed of various inventory items. I'm really looking for the easiest way and quickest way to get them out of the house as they are now disputing this cost but I have paperwork etc showing that they owe it. Thanks, Alison
  2. Lol...if u read the first post properly and stopped being so rude it may help. As I said in the first post the agency gave my number out to a member of the public (i.e another agency employee who I had been working with) without my permission. A completely seperate issue from them ringing my mother as funnily enough my mother has my number already.
  3. I did let them know on the 23rd dec that I wouldn't be returning (i.e my last day) as I mentioned previously and didnt answer my phone on 29 dec as I was ill in bed with the flu. I think people aren't getting the point here that my personal information (i.e my phone number) was given out without my consent to a member of the public by the agency. This is what I am angry about, not the fact that my contract wasn't renewed as it had already ended as far as I was concerned.
  4. It seems to me you havent encountered agency working very much as you seem to have totally missed my point. They were not doing me a favour at all as if they had been they'd have sorted the contract extension out for me before xmas and not been ringing and harrassing myself and family members on the 29th dec purely as they were probably going to and rightly should have lost that work placement due to their own staff negligence. My major concern here is the fact they have contacted a next of kin in a non emergency situation and that they gave my personal data out without my permission which you seem to have totally overlooked in your reply. As for any connection between the agency and my new job there is no connection there whatsoever and I have no need to use this agency as a reference as I have given previous employers that I know and trust.
  5. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help. I was working for an agency from 17 nov until 23 dec 2009 which was the date I was contracted to work until. However, the place I was working for were willing for me to return after xmas which I'd been trying to sort out with the agency since the beginning of dec up until my last day (23rd dec). As of 23 dec I said my goodbyes at my work placement and went to the agency to hand in my final timesheet. I'd still not heard whether I was being kept on or not so, just went over and said it was my last day and to thank them for having me to which the agency replied they'd be in touch if they needed me again. I then went home on xmas eve for xmas but also received a permanent job offer that same day as I'd attended an interview the week before. I accepted the permanent job and was due to and did start today. However, when I was ill in bed with the cold on Wed last wk I had lots of missed calls and 2 voicemail messages from the agency asking me to call them urgently as I was required back at my previous work placement. I did not return the calls that day as I was not feeling well and after how they'd been about not securing me work after xmas despite plenty notice I was a little annoyed with them tbh. Anyway to get to the point I then received a call from my mother who said the agency had called her?!?! Yes, I had given my mother's details as next of kin for emergency situations but surely this does not constitute such? The fact they couldn't get hold of me for one day. Plus my assignment with them had ended so, it was hardly as though I'd not turned up for work or anything. Also, what right do they then have to quiz my mother and ask her lots of questions about my new job, surely this is none of their business. Anyway, I let this lie as I had my new job to start and just didn't want to have any further contact with the agency after how poorly they had treat me. I rang the agency today to request my P45 and they've now told me that I have to request it from them in writing....is this correct? I also received a text message today from a lad I was working with from the agency at the same placement who said the agency had given him my number. The agency then lied to me when I rang them at 5pm today and asked for my permission to give this lad my number when strangely they clearly already had as he's text me at 2.30pm that same day, prior to my call to them in which they asked my permission to give him it. Surely this is not right. When I confronted them about this all I got was mumbles. I'm so annoyed that they have contacted my next of kin unnecessarily and then to go on to give my details out without my consent. I'd really like to take this matter further as I have no intention of working for them again and after all the hassle there has been I doubt I have any chance of obtaining a decent reference despite the management at the assignment I'd been on offering me permanent work and being pleased with my progress. Sigh...!!! Any suggestions would be gladly appreciated as I feel this agency has been extremely negligent. Thanks
  6. I hope so...have emailed them now so, fingers crossed I'll get some kind of response. Thanks for your help!!
  7. Ahhh..ok thanks. I only received the p45 for the job I left in July last wk so, I had filled in a p46 when I started the job in Aug as I didnt have a p45 to give them. I'm going to the job centre next wk so, will bring both p45's with me then and ask in there what they think. Fingers crossed I wont be on jobseekers too long anyway!! Thanks again.
  8. Oh ok, thanks guys. It was a Level 2 NVQ in Health and Social Care and I studied it in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. I was going to try ringing around to see who the awarding body or who had funded it to find out that way but anything you can do would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hi all, I left an employer last year but had completed a L2 NVQ whilst there. I never left on bad terms and was always told that they would forward my NVQ onto me and contact me to go and collect my file if I wanted it back. I have rang my ex employer numerous times and they have stated that they would chase it up for me and have the certificate forwarded to my home address. I have been grateful for this but also offered that I would do so myself if they passed on the awarding body details but they seemed happy to assist me. As of now there is still no sign of my certificate and I'm not sure what else I can do as I have contacted my old employer several times in the last 6 months alone. I have also contacted my old NVQ assessor but she has also left that job now but wouldnt even supply me with the details of the awarding body for me to chase up myself. I just find this increasingly frustrating as I did all the work and for nothing. To make matters worse my new employment are doubting that I ever had the certificate in the first place and are going to have to put me through the NVQ again. Has anyone got any suggestions as to what I can do in this situation. My old employer has now also said that they cannot find my file which is annoying also as atleast if I had that it would have information as to who the NVQ was done through. I have just emailed my old manager again to ask if they would please pass me some contact details on but again I'm not feeling very hopeful about this either. Thanks.
  10. Thanks, I have a P45 for a job I did for 4 wks in Aug and one for a my previous job I'd been in for a year and a half but left in the July. Should I give them both?
  11. Hi all, I have been out of work since the end of July this year. I recently have put in a claim for JSA and council tax benefit and housing benefit (claim was a month ago and have still not received anything yet which doesnt surprise me). However, my main concern is that I also sent my P45 to HM Customs along with a P50 form to claim any tax back as I haven't worked for over 3 months. The tax office have since written back to me to say that because I have now claimed JSA that the Job Centre will be liable to pay me any tax I am owed back? Could anyone help me with how I can go about doing this? Thanks.
  12. I was given the option because I never received the notices and if I had received the first one (there was a 8 month gap between offenses) I would have perhaps have driven more cautiously and not have committed the second offense. In hindsight now, having it revoked would have perhaps been the best option. However, the majority of jobs i apply for state you must have a clean license so, I couldnt have taken the points. I was informed when I took the ban that I would receive my clean license back after the 6 months...do you think this will be the case?
  13. It was two speeding offences within the first 2 yrs of passing my test but due to various issues with the DVLA they offered me a ban and to receive my clean license back after the 6 months or to revoke it and for me to take the 6 points n do my test again. Not quite sure how I could take the points when I'd have a new license tho??? I opted for the first option, although I regret it now with me having so many difficulties obtaining insurance now. I have just read some information posted by someone else saying that because the disqualification has now passed that the conviction will be classed as spent which means I do not have to disclose it on applications, unless obviously the form asks for spent and unspent convictions which most of them do which is something i guess.
  14. No they weren't serious from what I recall but I was given the option of my license being revoked for 6 months and getting it back with 6 points on and having to redo my test or taking the 6 month disqualification and receiving my clean license back after this time. I'm not sure why I was given both options, perhaps due to the fact that errors were made in me not receiving the original speeding notices...I'm not sure. I opted for the disqualification which I now feel was a mistake as I am having major issues getting insured now.
  15. Thanks very much for the links, they were very useful. From this I take it that the offense is now spent as the disqualification has just ended which makes me feel alot better that I dont have to disclose it on my applications. I know that employers shouldnt make choices dependant on whether an applicant has a criminal conviction or not but as I said before, for the type of roles I am going for it may be a factor that they would consider and if it came to interview stage I would always disclose it if I was asked. Will go and have a look at the other link now. Thanks again, feeling much happier now!!
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