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  1. 8 out of 10 - one real I had as a fake (instructions too complicated to be real) and one fake I thought was real (missed the dodgy e-mail at the bottom).
  2. Russianimp

    Dell or PC World

    My advice - steer well clear of Dell. I bought a Studio system from them this year. Allowing for them rerouting it to Newcastle (I live in Hampshire) it took six weeks to arrive. The call centre in India had no idea of where either place was and just kept telling me to wait in for it. Now I'm arguing over the back-up disks. It comes with a back-up utility only that doesn't work. It's apparently a known bug and they're only going to charge me a nominal fee - that's £59 in your money - to fix it. Everyone I've spoken to about Dell gives me that sort of "what did you expect?" look. I have
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