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  1. Not all phones have that feature and it is down to a combination of the provider and the actual phone : some cheap phones don't have a blocking feature
  2. they tried that by sending an email asking me to take a survey, which I gladly did, because i was probably close to that amount of returns in a shorter time, but I castigated them verbally and have always given them strong reasons why some of the Crap they sometimes sell, is not worth the postage and packing they charge, especially from CHINA, don't get me started .
  3. Ok,please correct me if i have misunderstood anything. You have been accused of an offence and whilst still married, applied for legal aid to assist with defence. LAA has nothing to do with CCA 1974, its not a consumer credit agreement. I disagree, Yes it does. Within a month of i presume being found guilty of the alleged offence, rossendales began chasing you for an unpaid fine, this has been passed now to marstons to collect? Please could you clarify and correct anything i may have misinterpreted. Accused yes, court date not set, yet harassed for payment towards Legal aid 9m
  4. exactly my point within a month ROSSENDALES started writing to me stating that I owed £568 to which I replied with vitriolic replies and it has progressed , and now they have been taken over by marstons .
  5. In 2014, I was due in court for an alleged crime which was fitted up and racist. my wife and I signed to apply for LAA, and it was based on the earnings she was receiving as I was a poor musician. before the case date or I even had a Barristor, I had Rossendales harassing me to pay them £586. 00 per month, which I retaliated withe vitriolic replies. The case date was not set up until Oct, and by that time I had ignored all notices from Rossendales, and was going through nasty Divorce. As soon as I was divorced they started harassing me again, but I am fighting th
  6. wow, thank magna carter, i am in wiltshire as well, and ross and robert's fools, go and see your mp, and make a complaint, if we all do this they will have to pay a massive bond next year .. I am going to complain and complain until i drop, then my wife will continue the war against these bullies. There is a vodoo spell on these who took my car.
  7. If I decide to pay the fine I want to take them to court for the damages and loss of earnings , the removal of my tools of my trade. WHAT IS THE FORM4. SURELY IS THERE IS ABUSE AND VIOLENCE AND AVUSE, SURELY THAT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE NOT CRIMINAL. THANKS Torbay parking services are very insipid idiots in their attitude towards the bailiffs who work for them.. .. How pathetic is that.parking service would not even give me or my solicitor the basic details of the ticket and put the phone down on both of us. Yes they are sleeping with capita and ross because capi
  8. This matter started about 20 months agai when i got a parking ticket in torbay, i won the first appeal from the parking tribunal, they won the appeal after the appeal, which in matter like this happens, just because you area council does not mean that you are right. I was tenacious about this all and refused to pay the fine, simply because the ticket was not on the car it was posted to me. Maybe someone removed it but that is not my problem, so as far as i will ever care, the ticket was never on my car for me. .. When `i disagreed with every letter th
  9. as i have stated these people appear to be allowed to be as extortionate as they want to be. they break all of the rules of the governing body of civil enforcement regulations, the office of fair trading regulations, and the law of tort, and they make up their own laws as they see fit. that is illegal, but the legal system which is supposed to protect the population, runs in the opposite direction faster than hussain bolt! the solicitors don't want to challenge them because there is no legal aid for it, criminal legal aid is hard enough to get. there are les
  10. Why are these idiots allowed to charge these extortionate fees, I am in the same situation where they taken my livelihood by visiting my proerty clamping my vehicle then lying to the Police saying that I had assaulted him, removed my vehicle which is electronically tagged, and they are now trying to charge me £1028.44 instead of what was quoted on the letter recieved 24hr s before the head Manager Baker increased the fees. which was £528.04 . He is now trying to Bully me into paying this amount and has threatened to auction my vehicle with all of my musical gear inside of
  11. I agree with that ex CAB advisor they have resources to help you.
  12. There is already a hex on all bailiffs, we call it voodoo, and it works, cant wait to put one on ross and roberts if they turn up at my door on behalf of another council called torbay. I am cooking up another spell right now, on both of them. Where is the stupid law that should protect us , but then allows uso of intimidate consumers. I am so glad about sites like you, and I would advise anyone with similar probelms to use this site as it always point you in the right direction, and others will always help you in someway shape or form. Ask a question dont a fool and never ask one
  13. people in this country need to wake up and smell the coffee quicktime, because r&r are harassing people with incorrect information. i have a similar case, with Torbay who are chasing me for £90 for a ticket which i appealed against and woin the case, and they are using them to get the money, but thankfully i am an ex cab adviser, so i know what they can, and cannot do, and i am just waiting for them to try that, as i have already warned them not to trespass on my property because i will forcibly remove them. i am sorry that you have this stress, b ut i w
  14. I have just recieved the same type of letter which I returned with a very vitriolic letter telling where they and Ebay can stick their letters. One has to stand to these idiots as they are scaremongers for large companies, and I for one will never ever tolerate 99% are Illegal anyway, just trying to EXTORT money from weak/innocent consumers, and as a Nation we need to tell them where they can go. The Bailiffs Book offered here is a definite read, and legal.
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