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  1. Oh sorry, yes it was posted to my home address. Completely forgot that isn't immediately obvious once you redact personal details. I'm clearly spending too much time corresponding with the wrong people, its rubbing off
  2. I've read many of Lee's posts, he's far too literate to begin to approach this level of unprofessionalism. The more mischievous side of my nature hopes Vodaphone continue in this vein, the consequences should be hilarious. my more sensible head merely wants the matter concluded professionally
  3. One can only guess. I look forward to the result of complaint 3.....maybe I'll get a crayon drawing to put on my fridge
  4. One can only hope they think the sheriff who gets the case is also an idiot, Sheriffs tend to take offence at such conduct:wink:
  5. Sorry, I was admonishing no-one I'm sorry you feel that way. My intent was merely to illustrate my reasoning behind my posting, and does not actually comprise my entire cv which is irrelevant to the matter at hand. Should a coherent response actually appear from vodaphone and I feel the matter may be of some help to others, at that point I will be more than happy to post chapter and verse, complete with the relevant legal authorities. In the meantime, we have precisely one response from the organisation that apparently assumes I am an idiot, I have posted this primarily to amuse our mor
  6. The original complaint was addressed to the data controller, completely ignored, the second complaint was addressed to the company secretary, resulting in the letter posted. I have considerable experience in complaint handling and consumer law gained from 30 plus years in retail management so with all due respect I'm not yet at the point where I feel I need to seek advice on what is essentially a simple DPA issue. Vodaphone appear to have something of a reputation for disregarding the laws of the UK. I was quite astonished by the ineptitude of this response, as a fairly long time CAG m
  7. one of several questions I have asked in my third letter.
  8. You'll never get a gig with Vodaphone using words that length! It almost made me pee in my own porridge, I'm sure the sheriff will be equally amused. Begs the question.....what do they send to represent them
  9. THE COMPANY SECRETARY VODAPHONE LIMITED VODAFONE HOUSE THE CONNECTION NEWBURY BERKSHIRE RG14 2FN The address that elicited the posted response, One more stamp then LBA I think. Hardly my problem if they choose to outsource their mail to a primary school on the other side of the planet
  10. The data controller VODAPHONE LIMITED VODAFONE HOUSE THE CONNECTION NEWBURY BERKSHIRE RG14 2FN Address from the complaint they ignored completely
  11. [ATTACH]56320[/ATTACH] Response received today to my second complaint regarding unlawful data processing. First complaint completely ignored! Vodaphone must like court claims
  12. There's a huge difference in Scots Law. One cannot merely be unable to bring an action in court as prescribed by the limitations act in England. In Scots law" the obligation shall be extinguished" Occurs to me that reporting a debt as in default when it is extinguished violates the requirement under the data protection act of data to be accurate. Haven't been able to find any case law to either support or dismiss this argument, perhaps wiser people than I may be aware of such
  13. What a country, a financial organisation commits Fraud on a massive scale, they are ordered to pay compensation. An individual commits fraud on a small scale and he goes to prison! Coulson gets tried and convicted of phone hacking.....GCHQ call phone hacking necessary for security. Individuals get hounded to the ends of the earth for a few hundred in outstanding tax, Vodaphone get off with millions. Classless society indeed
  14. Just an observation, but FOS deciding they are outwith their remit, doesn't rule out pursuing these bandits through the courts
  15. Tragic stories to be sure, but somewhat superficial approach by Ch5. Many on this very forum could tell similar if not worse tales of the obscenity that is the financial services industry
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