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  1. Up until 3 years ago both my husband and I were in full-time employment in good jobs. My husband then started to lose use of his legs then left arm. Within a couple of months he was diagnosed with a progressive neurological condition- game over. He was medically retired and now claims DLA- care and mobility at higher rate. I am still working and we get no means tested benefits- nor should we as I can still work. However as my husband is either in a motorised wheelchair or bed, and can only move his right hand I fear for the future. There is surely no way that he can work. He has care
  2. Hi Capricorn Cannot offer any help- Im in much the same position but just wanted to send my support. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will be along soon Sx
  3. I dont normally look at any other threads apart from the debt ones but I am glad I found this one. My husband is severely disabled with PPMS- he can only use 1 hand, is either confined to bed or a motorised wheelchair. In the 3 years since diagnosis we have had to fight for DLA and IB. I dont know how disabled you have to be to get these without a fight! I am at home for the forseeable future as his condition has deteriorated so if there is anything I can do to help or should be doing please let me know. S
  4. I have subscribed to both your other MBNA threads as well- I am at home at the moment as my husband is ill so Im on and off here all day. I have an enforceable agreement from MBNA and have stopped paying due to interest rate hike 34%- previously Alliance and Leicester I also have 2 other MBNA accounts- Abbey- CCA now received but I dont think its enforceable- will post at the weekend (when carers are in) and another MBNA account which I have left alone at the moment. It was not until I missed a payment on the Abbey account that I was pursued by RMA-this was a total oversight and
  5. Subbing- only just received CCA and will start new thread at weekend
  6. Thanks for your reply We are up to date on all our bills including these 3 cards. I cancelled the insurance as it was so expensive-but can I claim back the payments I have made? Also is it possible to claim back insurance that has paid out? Clutching at straws here... I can no longer afford to pay due to our reduced income- so please could you give me some info I will do some more letters this week Thanks S
  7. I actually have 3 MBNA cards- one is previously Alliance and Leicester- the CCA is posted here One is Abbey- not replied to CCA request The last one is MBNA and I have not CCAd this one yet The two cards I selected for CCA have balances of approx £2000 but the interest rate is horrendous- so I did them 1st Once I requested the CCA for the MBNA card they increased the interest yet again! Shall I write a Formal Complaint? As the card seems enforceable I will have to pay a reduced amount. Should I bother communicating with them at all? If Im going to get calls and letters anyw
  8. I cannot help you as Im new myself- I posted similar docs fro m A+L now MBNA- I waited ages for an answer, so I pressed the triangle Dont take it personally- people on here are really helpful and sometimes posts can get lost S
  9. It was 2003. The other card that I CCAd at the same time (also MBNA) - no reply has been received- what letter do I send? Is there any point disputing the 1st card- can I dispute on the fact that I dont believe they are front and back of the same document? Once I have sent a dispute on the 2nd MBNA card I will start a new thread on that one- is this correct? Thanks S
  10. Could some one have a look please Thanks S
  11. Sorry about that- should all be ok now- the copy I was sent is not that readable anyway in places Thanks for looking S
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