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  1. again hip hop you are having a go at us again so i will tell you what we are going to do this is are last post because we put a lot of time and our own money into helping others on here and all as you want to do is fight with us on posts that do not have anything to do with you. august we won a case in court. if logbook loans do loans at a home or on the street then they are void ............... logbook loans DO NOT have a licence to trade out of a licenced office so they CAN not trade outside of cashconverters/mobile money . it is called a cold call licence to which they do not have. so go on hip-hop call use anything you like
  2. Hip-Hop ims knows who we are to well ok. as i am shure he will tell you. ims has a bill of sale with nine regions ltd ...... he has been paying logbook loans ltd. same directors but two differant companies. by law a bill of sale is none transferable. so logbook loans ltd must have been given the loan by nine regions ltd ....... which ims and i know they did. ims i think we need to go back to court with them ... Hip-hop. Originally Posted by Nicky Bodmin CCTV seems to be all talk on this subject but when it comes down to showing what he has got then where is he. I have spoken to Julietta about his so called case and she is as blind to his case as we are. Who US he has anyone been given supported evidence of what he has said. You couldn't make this **** up. we have given details out as IMS will tell you. Julietta will not give out any information or court cases without our written consent as IMS will back us up on.
  3. Hi nicky. you have been off for a long time. the photo of the car outside your home is a problem for lbl. it just cant happen. you need to see the real photo it should give were the lone location was taken ................ plus you need to know were the loan was signed. if everything was done outside or inside your home then both bill of sale and CA is void.
  4. Hi stressedlady. the next step is to get a copy of the bill of sale. but with you not being the loan owner you will not have the details to apply to the supreme court. with being a 3rd party you will have no details at all. for around £100 you can have a solicitor send letters. 1 to the repo company asking to leave you alone and another to lbl requesting there interest in your car along with a copy of the bill of sale. why i say to use a solicitor is for two good reasons. lbl must reply to your solicitors request. and it will also stop lbl from reporting the car as stolen. which will be lbl next step if the repo guys cant get your car. so when the police call you just direct them to your solicitor. the next step now is for us to see your bill of sale for the car.
  5. a simple google ............. ok i have done it for you. but i dont understand why you should need it as it has nothing to do with your problem. you are either fighting lbl for your loan or your going to start your own fight against what licence they have or not. http://www.oft.gov.uk/business-advice/offering-credit/ also when people ask for info i pm it to them ...........so please dont think we have not answered there post.
  6. Hip-hop again you just want to fight . i dont understand it. i wish a team leader would switch you off or just leave our posts alone. we have contacted THFC1960. and we will call THFC1960 tomorrow.
  7. Hi. stressedlady. good idea to hide your car. just remember the repo **** will try to follow you. so keep a good eye out. can you let us know what area you bought the car from. and how long have you had it for.
  8. Hip -Hop. why why do you need the feel to fight all the time. you are like a little kid. this thread has nothing to do with your problems why are you hindering others from getting info. it would be best if you just did your thing but dont question our advice. you have been doing it for a few months jeff has been dealing with bos for 27 years. he has helped others on here and Hip-hop he never charged any of them a pennie. now you are putting that good faith from jeff into question as to why he sould even carry on he his here to help not fight with you.
  9. like i have said to you in reply to your email . our solicitor who has delt with bill of sales since 1983 does know what he his talking about and when he sees a case on here he will act. 5 members he has contacted and have won. lets take stubs you havent seen the outcome on the forum thats all done and dusted. trooper has had a judgment sent to him by me. and i have it here which is the same case as THFC 1960 and we are giving good info.
  10. THFC 1960. it would be far far better to get a managers statement from your bank to whom you have been paying. that was my advice. yes you can just google the info like others say. but the courts will want facts not just printed google pages. and a statement from your bank is fact. Hip-hop. you know nothing of the court case with oft and logbook loans. we do we are witnesses in the case. you keep asking us to post findings and cases. with the case in a few weeks that would be stupid of us to do that on a open forum as lbl monitor it.
  11. ask your bank. who is logbook loans .co.uk that is showing on your statements. who is the company
  12. if the bill of sales are by differant loan companies then only the first bill of sale stands. and another thing to remember is its life time which is 5 years.
  13. logbookloans.co.uk is on your bank statments. the domain name belongs to logbook loans ltd. this is who you are paying. you dont have a bill of sale with logbook loans ltd you have a bill of sale with nine regions ltd, you are dealing with too companys. you are paying logbook loans ltd and another company holds your bill of sale and your CA aggrement i.e nine regions ltd. if (dont do this) if you stopped payments now who would repo your car ??? it cant be logbook loans ltd (who you are paying) you dont have a bill of sale or a CA with them (its all in nine regions ltd name)
  14. Hi lefty. i would like to look over the bill of sale . the CA repossession does not cover a bill of sale. if the car belongs to the loan owner and was at the address of which was stated on the bill of sale then they would not need a court order to remove the car. this is term 8 of the bill of sale.
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