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  1. Hi Is there anything can do about a debit card payment that took over three weeks to process instead of the normal three days? I placed an order on an internet clothing website, received the goods and then between one and two weeks later the money was taken from my bank account (near to payday so i had nothing in) this pushed me over the limit and as a result i will be £103 worse off! I spoke to the halifax and they didnt want to know and have emailed the company involved pointing out the mess. I will keep hold the charge letter in the hope that in the future i can claim it back but is there anything i can do in the meantime as it is highly unusual for a payment to take three weeks! thanks
  2. i've never noticed these before! They have always charged me £30 for paying a direct debit, i'll have a walk into the bank anyway but i dont expect to get very far, looks like another bank claim is on the cards......thanks anyway
  3. are you sure?? i've never noticed the monthly £28 charge before and i keep a reasonable track on my account! the letter that i got in december only mentions that they will charge me any debit interest on any overdraft? i'm confused now!
  4. Having gone over my overdarft limit for the first time in a while i've just had a letter informing me they are taking £60 in charges AND a further £28 for having an unauthorised overdraft, this will be taken out of my bank at the end of September! I've checked my last bank charges letter (Dec 2006) and there was definately no £28 charge on that occasion......does anyone know when this was introduced and also how the hell can they impose this new charge without informing me the customer of a change in the terms and conditions of my account. I might pay a visit to my local branch tommorow.......!
  5. Sorry for adding to your thread.......but, would the banks apply for a stay at the court case itself or would they do it prior to the date? Also, can they request or even be granted a stay even if they didnt submit their court bundle??
  6. also remember its HIGHLY unlikely you will have to sit down in front of a judge as the banks policy is to settle before it gets this far, although plan your case as if you will (court bundle sent off in good time if it gets that far) When you get a court date back then it might help you if you periodically telephone the banks customer service or litigation department and request that they settle before court action, making sure you settle for nothing less than the full amount. drop in facts like you are aware that the NW always settle before court and you are a loyal customer etc etc.
  7. After three wasted phone calls I have decided to issue a warrant of execution. I am sick to the back teeth of speaking to SC&M. I wonder if Lloyds TSB really understand the damage they are doing to their reputation by in my opinion being the worst bank to claim against, even when they have lost they still wont give you the money without a dog-fight! I for one will never take out another Lloyds TSB product again.
  8. I phoned them and got through to a very snotty lady (arent they all who work for SC&M!!) She said someone would call me back, so me being a fool waited in most of the day.....no phone call...... I phoned back and got through to the same person, she said that i had to appreciate it but they are getting thousands of phone calls about these charges and call only do so much, so i told her she had until the 31st may or i would be getting the bailiffs in...
  9. Good news is i received judgement in my favour due to Lloyds TSB not showing up to the hearing, i'm angry that it has taken almost a year to get the grand sum of just over 200quid! One things for sure TSB will never see another penny of my money again in the future! The judgement was dated 9th May but has only been delivered today due to backlogs at the court, they were supposed to pay me by the 21st May......should i phone SC&M and request immediate payment or go for the jugular (as i have done so in the past with TSB) and send the bailiffs round?? Can I get a form online?
  10. Phoned court Theres a backlog of cases, they are working on cases up until 17th April so it wll take at least another week before i get a reply looks like the banks are taking a bit of a hammering! hehe
  11. No response as of yet, i will ring court in the morning for an update
  12. No, i didnt ask him, maybe this is the first time it has happened to him and he wanted to make sure he got things right?? i'm not sure to be honest! ps thanks for combining my thread.....
  13. Just back from Whitehaven County Court. Lloyds TSB didnt turn up (as expected) I sat down in front of the judge and he was surprised I was in court as he believed I may be the first person to sit down in front of a judge in connection with Lloyds charges but they had most likely overlooked the hearing He asked me if I had attempted to settle before court, i explained that I had attempted a number of times but i always got nowhere with their solictors.......asuming i got through to them by telephone. Anway, he looked through my court bundle and said he would not make a decision today, i should expect one in writing in 10 to 14 days. So, I'm in limbo at present......he did ask me if i wanted to claim travel expenses (which may be a positive sign) I asked about costs for preparing the case, he said this wasnt allowed.
  14. thanks i'll let you know the outcome
  15. Hi Sorry to spring this at short notice but my court date is tommorow against Lloyds TSB. I have sent my court bundles off in good time and sent the non-compliance letters off as i have received nothing back from their solicitors. I have not received any charges back and as i am not a customer of them anymore they cannot deposit money into my account, i dont expect me to be the first case they've defended (for 250quid!) but what will happen tommorow if i turn up and they dont (as i'm expecting) i've tried ringing them but constantly engaged!
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