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  1. wow, thanks all for the quick response's and i will file it away till they contact again, (hopefully they wont) and may i say what a great site there is so much info and help i am gonna spend hours reading posts thx again by the way how much roughly do people donate to help the site out as i would gladly give something to help out with the running costs thx T
  2. hi mate i have not sent any cca to them or rung or dealt with them as i dont even know what the ref numbers are in relation to, this letter just popped out of the blue and my wife doesn't recall anything, but i didn't want ring them just in case they were adamant we owed this,this,& this and i would lose my rag with them as other people have in other posts thx edit - sorry wrong posting reply here, i found my original one
  3. hi all i dont know if this is in the right place first of all, and apologise if it isn't. i am new to the group which i stumbled upon this morning whilst brosing for some info on Mackensie hall and wow they seem to be pestering quite a few people. anyway back to this letter i got this am, i thought it was strange as it didn't give any acknoledgement to what,how much,who to etc etc only our ref ........ client ref....... and we are attempting to contact the above named person regarding a personal matter.......... please ring telephone number .......... quoting ref number, this is in my
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