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  1. Many Thanks. I have now got a template for an LBA letter, so will send that off by recorded post. The template I have says: "...therefore the [insert name of court] court will rule in my favour" Can I just insert the name of my local court, or do I need to do anything beforehand?
  2. Thanks, will have a look at that link. I sent it by standard first class post - would this make a difference, unless of course they claim that they havn't received it?
  3. I began the process of claiming my bank charges back from Natwest at the end of last month. I used a letter from MoneySavingExpert and their interest charge calculator to work out that I have been charged just over £3,500 in charges over the last 6 years. I sent the letter to Natwest, outlining all the charges and how I calculated interest on 1st October, giving them 14 days to reply, but as yet I haven't heard anything back from them. As I'm a reasonable kinda guy, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt as there has been postal strikes, so I'll give them a few more days to res
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