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  1. I had several loans from LS and repaid them, in the end I had 3 for about 300 each and became ill, self employed stopped paying and ignored them. Asset collections and investigations Ltd sent me a letter eventually saying they'd bought the loan for amount of 1475-00. They made me several offers to pay a reduced amount but I didn't have that either so ignored them. They said they'd take me to court which they did to CC Business Center who found in their favour and wants 1544-00 paid to Asset collections ect. I dont remember ever receiving a 'claim form' but the court said I didn't reply to it. Is it too late to do anything do I just have to pay asset collections or the court sends in the bailiffs
  2. Sky are denying they received a cancellation order but not paying for 20 months should have been a clue,also I didn't have a contract as I never paid IMO. They cant affect my credit rating so Im happy to go to court,should I write a FU letter to Wescots or just ignor them?
  3. I went bankrupt in Oct 09. All bank accounts were closed.All were joint Letters sent to everyone telling them of bankruptcy Wife went bankrupt Feb 2010. Sold sky box as couldn't afford sky Oct 09. June 2011 get letter from sky saying my bank hadn't paid monthly bill of 30ish quid. Ignored it. July 2011 get letter from sky saying my bank hadnt paid monthly bill of 75ish quid. I phoned them. They said the bill had been paid every month from a account ending in 053 until from Oct 09 to June 2011.I said this wasnt possible as Id cancelled the contract by letter in Oct 09 and the direct debit was stopped when the account was closed in Oct 09.They asked me to talk to another dept and cancel the account,I refused saying Id already cancelled in Oct 09,I had no account with them,had no sky since Oct 09 and didnt owe them anything. August 1st 2011 I get a demand from sky for 875-00. August 9th 2011 I get a letter from Wescots saying I owe them 875-00 or court baillifs shoot my dog ect. Now Ive been bankrupt,I had a year of hell,they dont scare me at all,their letters dont bother me at all. Ive sent sky basically a copy of what I've written above(recorded) and saying take me to court. How would the more experienced members proceed from here?
  4. Then he cant stop whoever you want living with you.Move her back in and let him do what he wants,even if he went to court and somehow won it'd still take till later than Sept. You dont have to tell him shes living there,your not sub letting in any way. if your not needing references from him then sadly even if the relationship turns sour it doesnt matter. Personally Id just ignore him and get on with life.If he thinks he has grounds for her not living there then he has to state them to get you evicted otherwise he cant do anything except talk. get on with life and dont worry about it. If he comes up with a reason for his actions based on law then pop back on here otherwise he may as well talk to a brick wall. And do remember,if anything in life relating to laws and regs starts happening make it always in writing right from the start.
  5. Then unless hes rented it for sole occupation in the contract he cant stop anyone living there with you. Id still try the reasonable route first and have a talk to see what his objections are to her coming back,were arguments upsetting the neighbours before you split ect. In the end if she moves in he has to evct you both and he cant do that without good reason. As in all these cases its better to try and be reasoable but if they wont play ball then put everything in writing and send everything recorded and stick to your rights.
  6. Start at the beginning again.They will use the 'refused repairs' response and the 'called but wasn't in' to drag it out. Report repair and ask for a copy of complaints procedure/protocol. Follow it to the letter. If they want to stick chewing gum in the gaps let them and then complain again as a extension of the first complaint. FOLLOW THE COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE. Always be in when they say they are calling,always let them do whatever they want however stupid it seems and follow the procedure. They haven't the money to do it and have loads of complaints like this,nothing will be done but bodges until it hits higher level and starts to affect figures for the boss. I work in this industry,don't fret and stress out just pin the complaints procedure on the fridge door and whatever letter they send follow what the procedure says until it says that you can contact the ombudsman.
  7. The envelope had no markings to show first or second class. they have now written saying theyve looked into my complaint(I never made one)and they think they arnt to blame but give a ombudsman leaflet with it and say my CCA request will be dealt with in due course(they are in default by 30 days and have had a default letter.Also that they will not deal with me any more as they have given me many chances and all correspondence should be with the debt collection agency.The DCA has sent another threatening letter even though they have had a letter informing them the account is in dispute. They really are arrogant twits 'in due course' would be in the legal 12 days which they just chose to ignore unimpeded by the financial bodies who are supposed to keep them in check.
  8. Received a similar one from HSBC today.Basically says that the courts ruled the charges were not unfair and they wont be paying anything.Wrong and misleading and very patronising especially as I never asked for charges to be returned,what I did ask for was a CCA.Bunch of ******s.
  9. My wifes had the same letter,I didnt think they were supposed to encourage you to get into more debt and its carefully worded so they can deny they are but considering in my case they have ignored a CCA and a SAR and passed the debt to a DDA to collect whilst under dispute it seems they can just ignore all laws.
  10. Had another one from a DCA today offering massive discounts if I phone them now and pay something.They will be sent a account indispute letter tomorrow.
  11. I requested they collected in writing. I had neither a default nor a termination. They took the car at my request, They sent a 5700 liability letter. They sent a reduced for 10 days 4600 liability letter 10 days later. I sent a CCA and SAR request at the same time. 12 days ago it was delivered(registered).
  12. Weve not paid since about May,on about 6k.Still only at the default stage.At this rate itll be another year.
  13. Had nothing but 'we are dealing with your complaint and will answer by xmas' replies until today when weve had a DN on one of the accounts(the other was DN'd weeks ago). Its dated the 4th/12 which is well past me putting both accounts into dispute,can they do this? Is it about time I asked for a SAR?
  14. CCA and SAR were delivered to them on the 29th Nov 09. Still no reply but they have today sent another demand for payment as a MANDATORY ARREARS NOTICE SERVED UNDER SECTION 96B OF THE CCA ACT 1974.This was dated the 7th. If I have no reply to the CCA by the 15th/12/09 its over the 12+2 days,should I then put the account into dispute? They have a while yet on the SAR.
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