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  1. I got into trouble last year with my rent, eventually moving out. At the time, the letting agent said if I agree to give the deposit to the landlord, he will not chase me for the money, which I agreed to. This was March last year. On saturday, the landlord sent a message, via my companies live chat facility saying the following: "ah *rightsaidfred*... just the man! you owe me money sunshine, watch your back, i'm coming to collect very soon" Now, I have no problem coming to an agreement with him to pay what I owe him... however, how should I handle this? Thanks
  2. well the company is in administration so i can claim it from the governement, just a matter of time im afraid!! The only person is the "director" of the company, but he is useless and its pretty much his fault we are in this mess - we dont even have an office to work in any more!!
  3. hi, the situation is really bizarre, when we were integrated into the "group" of companies last year, the group took over all HR, finance, IT basically all functions. All these people were made redundant last week, so there is no management structure at all, no grievance procedure or anything! There is no hope of saving the company, it will be a case of a new company being formed (alrerady done) and that company transferring the assets of the company (and staff) as of 2nd january - however i would rather not work for this company, and would prefer to take redundancy if possible.
  4. Not very well.... They didn't seem to know much at all, basically said because I am still under a contract to work more than 16 hours then I'm not eligible at all!
  5. Hi, got a bit of a complicated and urgent problem, hope someone can help! The company I work for, was bought out last year and became part of a group of companies. Recently, the group of companies has been struggling financially and owed the bank about £5 million. This debt was then sold to a private individual for £3m - this individual then placed the group into administration, but for reasons I am not privy to, my particular company was not part of the administration. It turns out that the private individual owns a rival company, and this rival company has now bought cert
  6. It doesn't, the point in the contract they are referring to is on relation to who I can deal with AFTER I have left the company. I have had the disciplinary today, their arguament surrounds the fact they view the website in direct competition to them and the fact that I made and enquiry to one of their lead companies about generating business should I set up on my own. Basically, it's one of the senior managers trying to flex his muscles and set a precedent to the rest of the company. The other thing he said was he would NOT take into consideration my previous exemplary record with the c
  7. Hi all, yesterday i was suspended from work, pending an investigation. The investigation is in reference to a website i have set up. I work for a finance company offering mortgages, iva's debt managements and insurance. The website i set up was designed to generate leads for life insurance by having a link to a price comparison website. My employer is claiming this is a disciplinary issue as it is in breach of my contract relating to conflict of interest. The way they have interpreted the website, is that they think i am trying to sell insurance and therefore taking business
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