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  1. Thanks for your advice. I will take that onboard and await any further communication. Thanks, v much!
  2. Yes, they didn't even contact me to say that PE had requested driver details. They just shopped me and then my area manager said the ticket is my responsibility, even though he told me and a colleague to park there so he could collect us and take us to our branch in town. There is no parking at our shop for 2 x 3.5 ton LWB transits. A fact I informed him, so he said park at Morrisons. I even told him when he collected us, that there was a 3 hour limit on the car park, but he kept us in a meeting and we had no way to return to our vehicles. As you can imagine I am a bit cheesed off. Also am unhappy my firm gave my details to PE. Thanks for your advice though. Ian
  3. Regret to say, my employer did not let me know the date they received a comunication from Parking Eye. I can only presume PE contacted the Lease company, who then contacted my employer, who then gave my data to PE. Thanks Ian
  4. 1 Date of the infringement 21/03/2019 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 27/04/2019 3 Date received 30/04/2019 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [Y/N?] Y 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes, two timestamped photos of my numberplate 6 Have you appealed? [Y/N?] post up your appeal] N Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up N 7 Who is the parking company? Parking Eye 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Morrisons Bridgewater Somerset For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. POPLA
  5. Hi all, I have received a PCN from Parking Eye and wondered if I could get some advice. The PCN was issued on 27/04/2019 and the parking "event" took place on 21/03/2019 The Morrisons carpark where I parked had a three-hour limit and I parked for 3 hours 54 minutes and received notification c/w two photos of my number plate and demand for £85 with a discount to £50 if paid by 11/05/2019. The PCN was sent directly to my postal address. Parking Eye state (See JPG Parking 1) That I have been identified as the hirer/lessee of the vehicle and the hiring company has supplied my details c/w a copy of my signed hire agreement and statement of liability. This is where I am somewhat confused. I have never hired or leased this vehicle nor signed a hire agreement or statement of liability for said vehicle. I was the driver of the vehicle but was parked in the parking area under the instructions of my employer, who had knowledge of the time limited parking in place. I can perhaps understand Parking Eye issuing a PCN to the lease company who then identified the company I work for, as the keeper of the vehicle, however the firm I work for sought no permission to share my data with Parking Eye. I have complained to my immediate superior who told me to park in the carpark and who failed to get me back to my van in time to avoid a ticket, but he has denied telling me to park there and has told me it is company policy that drivers are responsible for paying their own parking tickets. As you can imagine I am not very happy about the whole issue and wonder where I stand. Thankyou anyone for your kind advice in advance. Ian
  6. Thanks for that, I will have a chat with them and see what I can find out.
  7. Hi all, would just like some advice please. My daughter and her partner had PPI some years ago, but have no paperwork or proof. they keep on getting calls from CMC's who claim that they can find any PPI you had and reclaim it, even if you have no paperwork or details. Obviously, as it stands, they feel they have no way of getting anything, so they are thinking, maybe paying a CMC 30% commision is a worthwhile fee to do something they cant. ANy thoughts on the matter greatly appreciated. Ian
  8. Thanks UncleBulgaria, it seemed weird to me as well, but my friend reckons it was in approx 1989. She had been in the NHS scheme since she started in 1984 and the payroll dept started putting info leaflets about private pensions in with their wage slips. I said that this sounded very dodgy, but she assures me that it was happening. I know back around the same time I was advised to contract out of serps and take a private pension, a decision which has and will also cost me dear. Thanks for your help and advice though. I cannot find Childs and Co, apart from a private bank which is a subsidiary of RBS. However i have been talking to my friend earlier and she thinks she has a big folder of all her old wage slips and pension stuff. So I am going to go on a mission to go through it all and see what we can find. Thanks Ian
  9. Many thanks, could you post a link, as I couldn't find the Pensions and Insurance forum. Many Thanks Ian
  10. My friend started to receive leaflets from a firm called Childs and Co, who were promoting opting out of the NHS scheme and going into a private pension. I was amazed, when she told me that many members of staff had leaflets put in their wage packets by the payroll dept. She is now devastated that what she thought would be a decent pension is going to be pathetic. Also she should have been upgraded to "mental health nurse status" or sum such on her pension, but only after 10 unbroken years. The opting out negated this option and even after opting back in, she could not then take advantage of the benefits this enhanced status gave. I am very upset for her, as she does a sterling job and is real gutted!. Thanks for the quick reply. Ian
  11. Hi to everyone on the CAG forum. I have been a "lurker" for quite a while and was recently asked for help by a good friend who is totally computer illiterate. She works as a nurse looking after handicapped children and has done so for all her working life. Way back she was persuaded by the NHS to "opt out" of her pension scheme. After 13 years out of the NHS scheme she was warned that her pension had sufferred and advised to opt back in. This she did, but on recently checking her pension forecasts, she finds her pension is a shadow of what it would have been if she had stayed in. Is there any pension advice or anyone who can help on the forum please. If so it would be much appreciated. All the best Ian
  12. This doesn't really fit any of the current topics, but I would be interested to hear of any other forum users who have experienced similar action by Barclays and any advice as to where I could take this? I recently had a problem with Barclays, whereby I thought I had changed the contact details and address, then closed an account in 2007 and subsequently had not. To my horror I had racked up nearly 300 pounds in charges, for an additions account with reserve that I had no bank card for and had not used. After some negotiation with Barclays and mention of this forum...I was refunded all the charges in full and agreed to pay of the OD on the account. (the OD was not in dispute, as I had spent the money, it was just the charges) However the account was a joint account , in the names of Mr X and Mrs Y XXXXXXX. I had split, less than amicably with my ex and whilst I had a telephone contact number for her, I did not know her new address. When I sorted out the charges problem with Barclays, they also updated my address details and I subsequently received a statement addressed to Mr X XXXXXXX. To my surprise, I received this weekend a screaming tirade from my ex, asking me what the XXXX I was doing, having a statement posted to her address!!!!!!! Somewhat shocked, I managed to calm her down and persuade her to let me have the statement, which was not addressed to Mr X and Mrs X XXXXXXX, but to Mr X XXXXX, exactly the same as the statement address on the one I received when Barclays finally updated my details. But with my former wife's new address on it. I rang Barclays and am waiting the result of a newly raised complaint, however, it causes me severe concern, that they could send a statement to an address, that has been given them by neither my ex or myself. Clearly a breach of security and I would assume a breach of the data protection act. Especially as one of the reasons they never actioned the original changes I notified them of, was that they said they were unable to verify my signature on my change of address notification. My ex is absolutely livid and highly un impressed with Barclays original excuse that "she had obviously been into a branch to change the details on the account"! This excuse changed later during my phone call to be "she obviously had another Barclays account and the bank had mistakenly updated all the accounts in her name"! Alas she does not have another Barclays account, so the mystery deepens. It is very lucky, that I am not a homicidal maniac, or a wife beater, as receiving that statement, could have caused extreme upset, to any separated woman, hiding from a violent former partner. Any feedback appreciated Many thanks Ian
  13. Sorry for the delay in replying, PC has been out of action. Since last post, I have been in touch with Barclays again and re iterated my conviction that the charges levied upon me were unfair, on the basis I had not received the info about the reserve, as they had not actioned my request to close the account and pay off any balance outstanding, also they had not changed my address details as requested and as I had not been sent a new debit card, as my address was incorrect, I had therefore not activated a card and thus not taken advantage of the major part of my "Options account". I said I was totally happy to pay off whatever the sum was that I was overdrawn at the time I requested an address change, plus any interest on that amount, but I quoted the fact I had been in touch with the Consumer Forums and I was about to send off for my banking records with a view to legally challenging the charges. Surprisingly they then agreed to refund all my charges to my account, some £280 as long as I paid off the initial sum I was overdrawn. This I have done and hopefully this weekend I will close or downgrade the account to a standard current account. Thanks for being here, I may have to have a look at the massive PPI fees I have been charged by Nat West next, as I have had two loans, both of which I was only offered on the verbal condition I took out the PPI with them and this was charged to each loan as a massive initial amount.Trouble is,it is difficult to prove that they wouldn't have given me the loan without me taking out the PPI! Ho Hum,I may look into it anyway...
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