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  1. Hi all Is anybody else getting harassed by nuisance texts from PDL companies?? Worst offenders seem to be: Payday Knight Payday Kong Payday Overdraft You can't even reply with STOP even though they tell you that you can - the message fails to send - surely there must be somebody out there who regulates this, they send 4 or 5 a day and there doesn't seem to be any phone numbers on their websites either! Pain.In.The.Arse
  2. Yeah I know, I love this site and understand it needs the ad's on it, I was just saying it seems a little inappropriate
  3. I did Jamie, they called me on my mobile and left a voicemail, then whilst I was listening to the voicemail (I was on the phone when they called) they rang my work line and left a message on there - they don't give you a chance to return their calls!
  4. Guys I've just had a debt collection company call me and leave a voicemail on my work phone (which we all use) stating where they were calling from and that it was regarding my default on a payday loan with x company. Can they do this?? Surely some discretion should be followed here?? It's very embarrassing
  5. They send their debts to Mackenzie Hall I believe and whilst they are one of the worst DCA's out there for harassing you (they'll send texts to work landline numbers!) they will agree a plan eventually
  6. on a forum for those who are struggling with repaying Payday Loans, there are no less than 10 adverts on the page for payday loan companies I know the sites free, which is great, but maybe a bit more care where ad's are placed?? A bit like advertising cakes on a forum for obese people??
  7. A good start would be if you can list who the companies are that you owe, then those that have dealt with them can give you the best advice? One things for sure, they wont stop calling so once you've got the info you need, you're better off just talking to them and explaining the situation and trying to arrange payment plans, but they're likely to want something before you setup a plan so just remember to tell them the bank have taken your debit card from you so the only way you can pay is via cash/bank transfer - don't give them card details because they'll fleece your bank account
  8. Hi all So, I cancelled my debit card about 3 weeks ago and have had a new one sent out, but today I received a call from Barclays Fraud Dept about several repeated transactions trying to get through. Of course, they are all from loan companies - now Barclays blocked my new card because of this which is very inconvenient and I had to have a difficult conversation with the fraud man about all the loans I have - he was really funny about it, saying if I owe them money I should pay it back etc etc and I told him to mind his own business So my question is, why when you cancel a debit
  9. Hi everyone Over the last 2 days, I've the most horrific experience with a specific loan company - CFO - I only just set up a payment arrangement with them and the first payment was due on the 27th August for £75 and they took £430 over 6 different transactions. In a nutshell, they're refusing to refund me and have been disgusting with their customer service, so I've taken matters into my own hands and decided it's time to expose these organisations for what they are. I am tired of all these underhand methods and pilfering from bank accounts they do, so whilst I have sent copies of
  10. Hi there First of all, don't panic - you're honestly not the only one in this situation - I've got 12 loans! I was paying the interest off all of them every month, or settling then reloaning the same day and I have now finally reached the point where it's become ridiculous - 700 a month in interest is just madness. My advice would be to first of all take control of the situation and cancel your DD's and debit card - make sure it's properly blocked by the bank though as a partial block will still allow them to push payments through. Once you've done this, you're in the driving s
  11. Hi All I read this site a lot and now feel that I'm ready to tell everyone about my experiences with these people, as maybe it would help some of you. In a nutshell, I've been an idiot - I got involved with these things 2 years ago and I'm still paying them off and the lenders have increased from 1 to about 12 now, which is so way out of hand it's ridiculous. I'm currently paying around £700 a month in interest alone which is crazy, but luckily I now have a well paid job, but now I've decided to take some action and cancel my cards etc and deal with this problem, so here's who I owe
  12. Hi there I have recently defaulted on a loan with these, for a huge £900! Long story.... They passed it onto a debt collection agency, but I can't remember what they are called now. Anyway, the agency are not interested in payment plans at all - they said that QQ customers cannot setup payment plans otherwise everyone would take out loans then default to pay it back over time, which does kind of make sense. They will only accept full payment. The attitude of the DCA stinks though, really unhelpful and arrogant, like all DCA's. However, if you keep telling them you can't affor
  13. I picked up an Intellicig on Friday, really pleased with it and my 'normal' cigarette intake has been cut in half already. You do feel like a bit of an idiot at first, but people are usually just curious about them. Mine does tend to seep nicotine through the hole onto the lips or tongue which can be quite unpleasant, but overall, a really good purchase - the savings I have already made on cigarettes have paid for it in just 4 days. The carts don't last as long as I would like though...and I am curious about these chocolate flavoured ones!
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