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  1. Sailor Sam, So sorry I didn't reply on this... to be honest I forgot all about it with all the problems I had! Anyway, Alfa eventually replaced my engine just before Christmas (more than 4 months after they started looking into the issue!) and everything has been fine since. They apologised profusely for the time the fix had taken and carried out a major service and full valet free of charge (approx. £500 in value). This experience has left me seriously disillusioned with Alfa's customer care. As I said in a letter to them, "...it appears your desire to avoid replacing my engine
  2. Hello Sailor Sam, ARUK and the dealer both acknowledged receipt of the letters I sent with the former attaching theirs to the case. As regards a fix on my car Alfa tech support have had one last throw of the dice in the replacement of a couple of the pistons via an engine specialist. The car was put back together today and will be tested over the weekend. On Monday I will receive a call from ARUK telling me whether the car is fixed or not. If not they have agreed to order a new engine and replace my poorly one! I will keep you posted... thanks again... Mat
  3. Sailor Sam, Thank you so much for your detailed response. I have prepared the letters and will send them this afternoon. I will let you know how I get on. Thanks again, Mat
  4. Hello Sailor Sam, Thanks for your reply. Sorry, the car is 2 years old (Sep 2007) and is still under warranty. I used the term 'insisted' as my patient approach was getting me nowhere with Alfa Romeo UK. I have confirmed with the garage that the warranty was officially transferred to me and the service schedule is up to date (saying that it has been with the garage for so long that it's actually now due it's 36,000 mile service). I very much doubt the garage would accept a rejection based on them originally selling the car if they are quibbling so much over a new engine but it's
  5. Hello, Six months ago I bought a used Alfa Romeo 159 privately and for 3 months it was great. Then it developed an issue whereby the car judders when the revs hit around 1500rpm. Since this time I have taken the car back to the dealers 5 times, had 7 courtesy cars and this 5th time with the dealer they have had the car for over 6 weeks! They have tried every avenue to fix the problem, using their own main service technician and under instruction from Alfa Romeo's UK Technical Support department Teseo but they still have not cured the issue. I have been in regular contact with Alfa Romeo U
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