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  1. I've already offered to pay them and they say they will not accept the payment (full payment or otherwise). Do I need to keep trying to pay them, or is it the fact they have refused to accept my money, mean I can spend it elsewhere and not have to pay them?
  2. I don't know what to do now. I've had a letter from a Bailiff, informing me that they will visit in 2 days time to "seize and remove goods" which refers to a Council tax debt at my old address for £1052. They do not have a "walking possession order" (neither at my new or old address), so I understand that I don't have to let them in, but what do I say to them? I've called the council this morning and asked if they can instruct the bailiffs to return the debt to them. I asked them the same question three times and made it clear I wasn't asking if they would, but asked if it was possible. Three times, I was told it wasn't possible before they changed their "tune" and said it was possible, but they wouldn't and that I had to contact the bailiffs. I then asked if they would accept my payment now. I didn't say how much I wanted to pay, but the implication is that I would pay all of it. (I don't have all of it, but I wanted to discuss that later). Again, I was told they would not accept the payment. I reminded the Council representative that I was recording the conversation, and again he refused to accept payment. What do I do now and who do I contact to take this matter further? Thanks.
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