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  1. Thank you so much for your quick reply, really appreciate it, I'm usually so careful about these things and was really bemused! I definitely wasn't park on the DYL. So the SYL is never enforceable...really? An SYL doesn't always need a time plate does it? I see how according to the sign I was outside the CPZ but not according to the boundaries on their online plan! Obviously I would be completely ignorant of the plan at the time and so would most of the public. So I guess I just write to them with the relevant details, a short description of what occured, and the pics attached? Thanks again.
  2. Hello kind lovely people! Please confirm or exonerate me of my stupidity! I parked in a CPZ on Broomfield Road opposide Kew Gardens (where I was enjoying a lovely day with the girlfriend) at approximately 13:00 on Sunday 25/04/10. The CPZ sign says Mon-Fri 10:00 till noon. Am I missing something or is this a CEO cock up? The attached pdf contains all the relevant info. Your help is very much appreciated. UPDATE!!!!! My appeal has been denied, looks like there was a time plate and I was unfortunate not to see it! I'm still not convinced though, as the time plate was inside the CPZ and I was not. Does this make a difference? Is there any other defence? The new docs named "Richmond Response" are attached. Thanks in advance! PCN docs and pics.pdf Richmond Response.pdf
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