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  1. What happen if the driver of the car lift the car and remove the clamp without my knowledge? I am not insured on the vehicle
  2. And possibly not worth it more then £1300 since it has been written off last year. And has high mileage. Please advice
  3. What is it EA? Can I argue that I need the car to work? It's technically booked in for a re badge for a NEW 12M PCO LICENCE?
  4. Lift the car park it somewhere else? I just don't want loose my car. And I don't have the money to pay
  5. Equita today come to clamp my car outside the street. The car it's a PCO registered car (currently expired) and it has the insurance in the name of a friend (he got a business trade insurance)for more then 3 months. as I am not driving the car due to access to a company van. I keep the car as I was going to do partime Uber driving with it. Do you think sending a backdated change of logbook name to DVLA will do the trick?
  6. I am sorry to ear that!!! I was hopping to ear better news as I was sharing my bad time with you... I have solved my problems thought I have now a huge overdraft and some CC to pay... I hope you and your family will be strong and ever healty ... and I hope them will have to spend every single penny in medicals. Take care darling and sort your self out slowly slowly.
  7. You know what I learn from this? that when someone small like a little business has to lie rip people off to bring up some food on the table and we call them (b****rds). The true is that they are just trying to survive in this jungle. No lie! no business! you honest? you bankrupted before even starting. Banks own you and own me! we are slave of this locked system that survive on less privileged people. It's all about making and producing money. They have to come from somewhere!. So let's pay this time and make them pay on the next occasion. Thanks to the internet we now are more awa
  8. It's unbelievable how people with finances problems are treated in this country! the less you got the more they want. And the police? they tell you that it's not crime so it's not their business. I'm disgusted on reading stories like this one! A country of great real people been often used as rug by authorised money sharks. Is like you are not allowed to make a mistake and if you do they make in sure that you always regret it. Sorry for the above lines My hart is with you and your family Sarah as I'm also experiencing something similar that it's getting out of control. Best
  9. I'm not registered there but I'm a huge fun of that site!!! use it all the time when you looking for something or simply for spending some money on good deals...
  10. I Know! it's at least from 2003 that I'm trying to buy one!!! never had that much to spare!!! but the high performance has a price!!!
  11. In that case google alienware laptop... (if you looking for a powerful laptop). regards
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