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  1. The initial reading says it is an estimate but the landlord wrote it down on us moving in and it is the same so is accurate. We are the same and have showers, no dryer and no garden etc. I am going to ring the supplier - who is united utilitys and see what can be done. If they are charging this much for water that is being taken away from the property, that has fallen onto it or surrounding roads they are getting a fortune from the other 3 flats that are in the building too!! Thanks for all advice!
  2. New to living on own so dont really have an idea of bills, have asked my mum and she thinks the bill is quite high and suggested you guys toask for advice so here goes..... I live in a small 2 bedroom ground floor flat with my partner, we both have full time jobs so are only here in evenings . Moved in 31st July 09. got a bill dated 7th October 09 for £133.64 details of it are current reading is 292, with previous reading being 248. Water charge is.....Standing charge (69 days at £30.00/year...£5.67 Volume Charge (44 cubic metres at £1.369 each
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