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  1. Hi, thankyou for your replies, we did have a visit from Income support to assess if they considered us a couple and they decided based on various things that we are not - mainly because I am gay. I guess we will have to talk to the benefits agency directly, hopefully they are sensible enough to realise that although we would both be looking after the child if we have one, that does not mean that we share anything more than friendship with eachother - we don't even eat together, we just happen to be in the same house instead of separate flats. Thanks, Anna
  2. Hi, I have been sharing a house with a friend for nine years, and we have decided to have a child together. We currently receive income support separately, we are not a couple, but would we be required to claim as a couple if we have a baby? Also what are the criteria by which Income Support decide if someone count as a couple? Thankyou,
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