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  1. Hi damsel, im afraid i cant give you any advice re the situation from a legal point of view but seeing as though i have and still am going through the same thing i really feel for you i completely understand how you are feeling as you have basically described every emotion i have been going through. What i do want to say is ... try not to get into too much of a state .... prison is very extreme so dont worry about that being an option ( i got myself into such a state worrying about prison!) . My whole process has now gone on for about 5 months so it does take time, with regards to the IUC if i
  2. thanks shoelover ... what im wondering though is what department could give me a summons? i have full council tax exemption and child tax credits. Is that a different department all together ? I was only interviewed / investigated by housing benefit ??
  3. littlemissme.... hope all goes well in your interview this morn, keep us posted .. am sure you will be fine, remember its only an opportunity to sort any misunderstandings about your claim out ! if your anything like me you will have worked yourself into a frenzy thinking of the worse case scenario and come out the interview wondering why you got so worked up ;-) (easy for me to tell you! shame i cant tell myself that !) x
  4. i paid my rent via direct debit up until dec (my landlord was travelling during this time so was convenient )and then paid cash once he was back in the country as that arrangement suited me better (i have been through bankruptcy so always deal in cash whenever possible) which i have signed receipts for .... the reason i am worrying is although i appreciate the woman is doing her job i sincerely dont have a clue on what evidence she could possibly have apart from some words on a doorstep to speak to me like a criminal , have me in for an interview , tell my ex landlord im being investigated (i
  5. thanks for all the comments and feedback, i know its a waiting game now, im goin seeing a solicitor tomorrow who will be attending the interview with me.... i will be high as i kite on medication just to get me to the interview room! jeeeez!
  6. i see what your getting at ... i think! dates in question is between dec - aug , so at a push i would have recieved far far less than £4000 , to be honest the whole stress of it all i feel like just offering them the cash back ! id pay a grand just to hav a good night sleep at the min ;-( unfortunately im not in the financial situation to do that !
  7. wasnt sure if i was being hyper sensitive! maybe kuoros could explain his intentions ????? is he here to judge , offer advice or push the right buttons??
  8. kouros ... have you sent me that to tip me over the edge??????
  9. hi ive just read your thread , sorry cant offer any advice, unfortunately im going through my own trauma (as u can prob see) but just wanted to say i know exactly how you feel, it is the worst feeling ever ,easy for me to say but they use the scary tactics with everyone and by the sounds of it you have made a genuine mistake and i'd be inclined to just explain to the interviewers as you have on here, if anything you will just have to pay the money back im sure ?? have u got a local citizens advice bureau you can contact for advice?
  10. My interview is next Monday, unfortunately i am a worrier i cant wait for the interview and hopefuly put an end to all this, i am seeking legal representation to attend the interview with me as with reading various posts i dont want to be intimidated into admitting to something i havent done!
  11. thankyou for your reply, i do have signed receipts for rent etc up until Aug, my other worry is , the council official when i asked what action would she take next she said she would speak to the neighbours. it was a very private road and i would be suprised if they even knew my name as i wouldnt know who lives in those houses, the fact im out on the 630 bus every morning and home late, no car and sleep at my parents most weekends im scared she will use this as some kind of evidence but then again maybe people notice me more than i do them!
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