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  1. I still refer to my last post, that you shouldn't have taken the data off and posted it elsewhere, therefore you are in breach of what you accepted as the Terms of accessing that site. Some people here will lambast CLC for its methods, for which I've already agreed in cases, but you are no better in your morals. Therefore people should know about you also, in the same way they will read what you want to write about me!
  2. Good Question. To date, I don't know. I live in the hope that I find out....but as yet...NADA! I'm a little disappointed really, as it wouldn't have taken a few seconds to type a few words to tell me. I don't think they've done their own reputation any favours, but we'll have to see. I do resent your implication that I'm rambling and spouting Rubbish. I thought we are all entitled to express our opinions? I take it you've read what this CAG Site says:
  3. I refer to my last post. Concentrate on that please. You simply shouldn't have taken it from there and posted it here. Never did. You breached the T's&C's of that Website. So now you're telling me its DevonCourt and not CLub La Costa. That wasn't in your post. So maybe people do need to realise that CLC's accomodation is 5*
  4. I agree with a lot Storminorman says as well, and I'm working to try and get EU Law into place where people must get it in writing, what it is they are buying etc, when they attend these presentations. There isn't a doubt that Sales People from CLC and other Organisations, get away with too much during the pitch. They need to be made accountable. A lot of these Products, including CLC's are actually good, but they are too expensive, and if the companies can get their Costs Controlled, they may have an Excellent Product at the right price. As things stand, there are a lot of owners of CLC Products who are happy and some who are not. No Doubt..and also for different reasons, but those that are IN need to try and get the best from it, whilst supporting the right Cost and Sales Model for the future. That's not going to happen without their support, and I know that many want that to happen, but it ain't going to be overnight. I wish those well, who are seeking to get something back, in their shoes, I would be doing the same. But like many, I bought into part of it on Resale and have definitely had good quality holidays at the right price.
  5. Does anyone know where this Myers Case is at for now. A lot of people have also paid non returnable money up front. I'm sure someone will liken that to a CLC Sales Person Practice, but still I wonder if there is any progress!
  6. Not the DPA, but the ownership of the data on our website. and Where you are inaccurate is that you infer that this is Club La Costa's accomodation, when it fact they don't own it. If you knew about Cession Weeks and Agreements with other sites, and if you knew more about CLC, you would know that they don't advocate that other Accommodation bookable by such arrangements, are the same as Club La Costa's resorts. So I just wanted you and readers to be aware of this, and that perhaps you may consider correcting your info, or at least admitting that you have now been corrected. You didn't say where it was. It could be your house for all that readers know!
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  9. FYI, I never "gave" you this information and image. You Stole it from a Site and are in breach of data protection. You've also mis-represented this in that it's not a Club La Costa Resort and its not in their brochure.
  10. StormInATeacup I do recognise there are probably thousands who've been mis-sold. So we're in agreement on that. Re CLC, we'll just have to wait to see how it goes. We have advised a lot of people from CLC and other potential [problematic], and saved them thousands of pounds. I know, because I have the emails. We'll continue to do that in a balanced way. I agree that just because there are happy members, it doesn't mean it works for all. It doesn't. All our members participate in this ethos and offer that advice & support and advice as well, so its not just me. I would like the cooling of period to apply in law, to holiday clubs as well, but that has to be done with OFT and the Timeshare Regulations. I, like others, will continue to try and lobby for that. Meanwhile we've got our swords out and defending when we can, but right now in "change land", we've also got the "kettle on". There is a growing awareness that working together is the future. The internet changed that, and so it will continue to do so. Its time for hands to held high, and hands to be shaked, but with some caution as well because we know real experiences good and bad. I agree with you on the Monkeys too!, so I will reciprocate!
  11. Hi StorminNorman Anti CLC Person! Just to be clear. I'm selling nothing. I'm just balanced. I totally agree with you that Sales People at CLC are telling people that. The Reason I know, is that Members who join our site, still tell me and I can see that common thread. I will say though that over the last year, we have less people telling us that, but I don't doubt for one moment, that it still goes on. We brought this to the attention of the Operations Director who came to our Members Meeting in April, and he states that they do want to stamp this out, however, it's difficult to keep control of every SalesPerson and get that proof. We do advise people on presentations, to get names and signed statements saying that these points will likely not be worth anything when and if they try to sell them. We tell people, and CLC say they also tell people, This is NOT an investment, but yes...Sales People likely say otherwise. To this end, we're working as a group on ideas to get a better system, with the intent of people receiving a written quote, in the fullness of time. Meanwhile, I repeat. I agree with you and I hope you can have the respect not to bring the same point to my attention again. We have members, which I seem not to be able to get you to recognise, that are happy with the Product, so all I ask is that you accept that as well. I'm happy to continue to advise people here as an independant, and you need to recognise that also, and not accuse me of being a Salesman for CLC. Read our site, and if it helps you, I can put people who are happy and people who are not, in touch with you. You can have a dozen of them if you'd like to take the time to chat with them, but I will have to ask them if they will write to you first. You can even chat with me on the phone, if you think it will do any good. Happy to arrange that for you. Thanks:cool:
  12. Firstly, I agree with you as it is indeed fact when Timeshare has been sold in the timescale you indicate. But obviously people will have to prove they meet the conditions, and I hope those who do, get a Return...Even if CLC are found guilty, I stand by that statement. Also remember that the items you state that are Nil Resale, are not Timeshare Sales. Just in case anyone is confused! They are Holiday Clubs, but it won't be long before they come under stricter legislation, thank goodness. I have a full Trail of RDO and OTE topics on our own site, and clearly tell members to be aware of their connection with CLC and other Companies. I've even challenged them on their Code of Ethics, needless to say, without a proper response. So I'm with you on that too and I hope people are getting it clear, how they are connected. We've just clarified on our site, through a Members Experience, about the [problem] of Holiday Ownership Bureau. We have around 40 Seperate Topics about all the [problem] Companies, and many of them make our [problematic] list, based on real factual experiences. We pride ourselves on the Structured Elements of Timeshare Resale and onwership Companies, and the independant advice offered. I know of no other Site that has it clearly independently shown, linked to each members experience. I've challenged OFT on their Guidance through their Consumer Site and Phone service, who advise people, and put them through, to the TATOC Phone line. Their model is also flawed as its Funded by Resorts and Organisations including RDO. So there are conflicts of interest there as well, and OFT never see through to conclusion, the challenges I've given them on this conflict. When I get more time, I intend to push it through, but I'm too busy at the moment.
  13. Sounds Interesting Storminorman. Look forward to reading the Full thing. I guess though, that you just can't say "I've been Mis-sold" and expect to get your money back. I would think that they may want some proof, but hey if it gets some people their money back, and they don't have to pay costs...then its a great opportunity for many people. Some readers might also be interested in a new Govt Consultation about Timeshare. Its HERE and its from the Dept of Business Innovation and Skills. We at CLCMembers.co.uk are going to be submitting our Collective input based on our 3400+ members input. Its a Large Document mind you (131 Pages), but if anyone is serious about getting change for the better, then its worth submitting your views.
  14. Thanks Solana. We're just getting a few reviews of Appollonium which is generally good, but some of the Kitchens are too small. For sure though, its not close to many things and its wrong that prices are high, but thats what anywhere does. i.e. in an Exhibition they charge loads of dosh for coffees and food and you're limited to choice. I don't like it any more than you though, so I do agree. A member who has gone back recently to Appolonium said the prices are coming down at the bar now. We've already identified to CLC at our Annual Meeting, these very points you make. I'm not convinced CLC will do anything about it...until I see the change come, based on feedback we provide. I and others agree with you, but it still suits some people but not all. I've enjoyed the other sites you've mentioned, but again, people do have different views. Were all your holidays bad. Do you think your views have been influenced by the increased knowledge of what you've got, and the way it was sold to you. I think a lot of anger comes from that personally, and its the one main thing I and other members want to see changed.
  15. Hi Solana. Sorry to hear of your Plight. I agree a few resorts are not close to choices, but the majority are. I also agree that their resort eating costs are high and we who are owners, share where its best to go locally to each resort. CLC are now looking at changing those costs, based on what owners are telling them. Only time will tell. I only wish you'd had found our site before you bought direct from CLC. More people do, and are happy, but you've had a bad experience for sure. Do you mind if I ask what resorts you've been too.!
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