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  1. I have had a third letter saying last chance to pay before they commence court proceeding's, but I haven't paid or reply`d to them hoping the bad smell will just eventually fade away.
  2. Thanks for the advise guys, and that was one thought in the back of my head about threatening to contact my CO, but in the end I am not giving out £100 quid for something I didnt do and the fact they haven t given me any details from the time I parked and the time they allegedly got me down as leaving just boosts my position in not paying up. Cheers guys
  3. Hi, I am a new poster on this forum and found it by googl`ing "excel parking charges". I am in the HM forces and yesterday recieved a letter at my work place saying that I owed £100 in parking charges dated over 2 months ago. It states I was parked longer than the permitted time in Park Tawe Swansea car park. On the day i had no notice on my car to say I had overstayed, so that is why I was so surprised when reading this letter yesterday. I had recieved no such first letter of the offence, but received this second one which was why the charge was at £100. I would like any advise on w
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