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  1. Claim now won, took some time but got there in the end. Didn't end up getting any more than my initial offer, FOS said that was what they would award so decided to accept.
  2. Hi all, From my query to Barclays this is the reply: Dear Mr marek321, Thank you for your email dated **/**/11. It is currently not possible for you to view your mortgage via the Online Banking service and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you. Please be assured that all customer comments are passed to our Project Development Team who have an ongoing programme of service upgrades. Many of the future enhancements to the Online Banking service will be as a result of customer feedback. Additionally feedback is used by a number of teams to identi
  3. I have contacted Barclays(Woolwich) asking if they are going to provide on on-line service so that Payments/interest/Balances etc can be viewed on-line, nothing as yet has been received so I assume my query has gone amiss. As I am aware this facility does not exist, unless someone knows better. I know that you can call up, but in today's technological superiority surely this service is manageable. It it just a case that they do not wish to provide this service. I myself have been getting the Balances off Experian which is updated monthly, but I do not know how accurate this is. I have bee
  4. I received a phone call yesterday from an adjudicator at FOS. He said that they would send me a letter with an agreed deal from EPF(HFC so will wait to see what this offer is. He did say that it near enough what I had been offered previously 8%. I'll let you know the outcome.
  5. Update - currently with FOS so I am now awaiting their reply. Sent all documentation off as per the time line of my complaint with copies of every letter and there final response. Just a waiting game now. Good luck to all in the same position, the main thing is keep pressing ahead!
  6. Hi Firstship, thanks for the reply I have already drafted a letter refusing the offer on the grounds that it did not match what I had paid in PPI premiums nor did it include contractual interest which was added daily. I've given them 14 days for a reply so we will see what happens.
  7. Just received a letter from EPF offering an amount of £1500 which they say includes 8% interest. I was going to send the letter off until I looked at the break down. My initial Policy had a PPI of £1550 added to a £10,000 loan. I paid this loan off with a further consolidation loan after 16 months. The figures which EPF sent me are - 16 monthly premiums total £532.16, Balancing from premium refund for early settlement £572.56 plus Interest at 8% £395.95 total = £1,500.67. They appear not to have taken into account the 10.9% interest on the account. Does this look right because when i put the d
  8. Received another letter today from EPF stating "Norton Insurance Services was the broker for your loan, who sold you the loan and the insurance policy. Any queries relating to the insurance policy should be put forward to them, which they will act upon" Last week I also got a letter from HFC which included a questionnaire. I completed this and returned it to them. It appears that HFC are looking at my claim but EPF are not even though they are the same company. A case of one hand not knowing what the other is doing, unless its a tactic to fob me off. Nonetheless I will continue my plight aimed
  9. I find this interesting as I have an ongoing claim with Barclaycard which is with the FOS http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?246239-Barclaycard-PPI I am still waiting for a result from FOS and this may well have some effect on the final judgement.
  10. Hi Everyone, I have put a claim in against EPF for mis-sold PPI on a loan I took out in 2005. I sent the SAR to HFC who trade as EPF and after receiving the SAR back I wrote again asking for info on the account with EPF as I wished to make a claim for mis-sold PPI. HFC wrote back and said that they had forwarded the claim to Norton who sorted the PPI. The PPI is included on the application form and at the time I was unaware of my true options. The loan was paid off in 2006 with the balance including all PPI premiums which had been added to the full term of the loan. Has anyone experience of d
  11. An update, case referred to FOS as Barclaycard state that I cannot show evidence that I was paying PPI and said they would pay me an average of £6 per month! I had challenged this and said that they had sent me paperwork showing I had a balance of £5000+ in 2002, they rejected this and so I have sent the paperwork to FOS to see if they can help as I had PPI since the card was taken out and PPI was paid on all those payments. I shall wait and see.
  12. Update, today I received a letter stating that Barclaycard state "HAVING REVIEWED YOUR COMPLAINT I FEEL THERE IS A LACK OF SUPPORTING EVIDENCE TO CONFIRM THAT THE SALE OF PPI WAS CARRIED OUT IN ACCORDANCE WITH OUR STANDARD PROCEDURES" it goes on that I will be offered an amount, which calculates back to 2004 and then upto the present. I've replied with a letter, not accepting the offer as I've had the card since 1994 and the balance was well in the thousands in the late 1990's, its a waiting game, fingers crossed.
  13. Received a cheque for £2700 which covers the full amount of PPI paid for the full duration, well suited:) not had my original query sorted but a good start, I will be soon be at the twelve month point anyhow so it wont have any effect on my credit score.
  14. Just phoned Halifax phone service and was trying to set up a direct debit to pay the Min payment so as to avoid missing any months payment, and to my amazement I am in credit to the tune of +£2000 with all my balance being available so that has cleared the £600 I had outstanding on the card. With this in credit how can I get this off the account so I can put it into my bank account, any ideas will be much appreciated
  15. Just received a letter off Halifax, this follows my claim to Halifax for my PPI payments back to 1999. I had received subject access request with my a photocopy of my original application, signed in 1999, the PPI box was already ticked(automated) so on the strength of this I made a full request for all the PPI paid. ----------------- I refer to you recent complaint regarding the payment protection Insurance (PPI) on your Halifax credit card. First on behalf of Halifax, Please accept my sincere apologies that you have felt the need to complain. All such complaints are taken ver
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