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  1. Hi Slick, The account was opened in July 1999. By the by why there is no point of CCA. I thought they need to provide me a signed agreements to make the creditcard debt enforceable, am i right? Thanks.
  2. Hi Slick thanks again. By the by if I contact BC now, then I guess it will not be SB anymore by Oct 2017. I shall sent them a letter as you suggested. By the by I never requested credit agreements or default notice. As said earlier they never sent me default notice. If I sent the letter as discussed ,should I also request them to send the signed credit agreements and default notice? Many thanks.
  3. Hi Slick the link is as follows; http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/ombudsman-news/117/117-credit.html Just to let you know Barclaycard never sent the default notice or every 6 months arrears notice. In fact my credit file always kept showing settled and closed until Experian contacted when I queried.
  4. Hi Slick hope you are well. thanks for that. Can you suggest any standard letter from this website that I can follow. Also can you direct me those guidelines references so that I can quote them in the letter. Can I refer case study 117/14 of Financial Ombudsman plz. Thanks.
  5. Hi Citizen thank you for your kind reply. I ceased making payments in November 2011. As per the credit report that was updated in September 2015 the default date is November 2011. RE : Information Commissioner- Can you kindly tell me how it works and what I need to do? I have not contacted them since Nov 2011 when I ceased payments too on advice of our wonderful caggers. Should I write letter to Barclaycard explaining my situation that I can lose my job for the default and if they will remove it, I do not know if Barclayshark will listen to it?
  6. Good morning all. Hope you are well. I am back again. This is related to the above Barclaycard. Just a background I took this Barclaycard in 1999 and got in financial trouble in 2008 and defaulted all cards and loans . At that time I got sick and I contacted Barclaycard with request for settling the debt and told them not to default me as it can affect my job. They wanted £5000 which I did not have. It was never defaulted. In 2011 for some reason the balance disappeared from my credit report and then with the advice of some caggers I stopped paying th
  7. Thanks guys..I was so stressed and in panic at the time of tomlin order that I left it to my lawyer. PPI was added without my knowledge and I cancelled it later and did not pay any PPI. I need to know if i can challenge the interest element now.. If so if there is any rules or law that I can refer to...
  8. Does that mean I am stuffed!!!!. However I remember I have seen in many thread that interest should be frozen when loan are defaulted as per Bank regulations or OFT regulations..!!!
  9. They have already added interest in the beginning of the loan for next 10 years in the statement as it was for 10 years term.. . so whatever I pay goes against capital and interest added. Now my question is are they allowed to add interest on defaulted loan. Like MBNA never added interest upfront, they added them every month and i paid them off .. Even the default notice Natwest send had balance without interest. . but the statements and Tomlin order they agreed included 10 years interest. . I want to know if I can ask them to remove the interest please
  10. It does not say anything about time limit. ..That time I was so paranoid and with all those debt stress I have just taken the Natwest Offer without checking the balance.. Now can I go back and ask them why they have added interest while I have defaulted and they should not have added the interest..
  11. Hi guys sorry to hijack this thread.. I just want to get you experts attention to my new thread, see link below. and your kind advice please: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?408261-Please-advise-Advanced-9-years-interest-added-on-default-Natwest-loan-is-it-allowed-to-add-interest-on-defaulted-loan&p=4388172#post4388172
  12. Hello everybody I was in the branch of Nawest in the middle of 2008 and I was forced to take this loan and they offered me £20k .I then found they have added PPI and I was not told about the PPI. I then cancelled PPI within 30 days. However subsequent to that I started having financial problem and defaulted on these loan end of 2009. I then started making payments through CCCS. Everthing went fine. However now I have found that the loan balance shows £34,000 though I have been paying more than £150 a month. I then called Natwest and they
  13. Any update Lily from your side..
  14. An update from RMA. I called again yesterday RMA and the guy said the letter was issued in error. I then told him I talked to his colleague earlier who said it is correct letter. He says my colleague has got it wrong and we will receive a letter shortly with correct settlement figure. I think they are just playing, anyway I am going to send the above letter suggested by Brig... Then will see what happens..
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