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  1. Sorry to butt in Martin (3030), can you tell me what I must do to get a copy of the Associates gold T&C ? Do you need an SAE for example. I tried to PM you but your mailbox is full. thank you again.
  2. Does anyone happen to know if the first 12 digits of the 16 digit credit card number are enough to identify a particular agreement? If that is the case then those 12 digits could be used as the database “key”, other fields being the card description, eg “Citi Gold Mastercard”, the dates when the agreements were started, and a comments section which describes the level of unenforceability. Just an idea. Then all you have to do is to check the first 12 digits of your card number against the database and see what’s been recorded. I can't imagine the banks would like that one though.
  3. If I catch the drift of the OFT comments correctly there seems to be something of a focus on the particular situation where the debtor is actually in default – therefore possibly creating the impression that the requesting of information under sections 77-79 of the Act is of little interest to those debtors (that is, the majority) who are not in default with their agreements. If this were to become an established viewpoint and somehow translated into serious action it would be very good news for the banks and very harmful to consumer interests. Rather like the way it would be very he
  4. Interestingly though, some of the court case detail emerges towards the end of the "thisismoney" article. It is the leading paragraph and the headline together with much of the first part of the article which serve to frighten the general public away from wanting to challenge their agreements.
  5. It seems that RBS were looking for just such a case as this – any little victory, no matter how shallow or how irrelevant – so that they could spin and distort it to their advantage and then feed it as a press release to tame journalists who either cannot or will not do their own research.
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