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  1. Around £15,000 by now I guess, when I first went to CAB, they were around £10,000 ( 2 yrs ago) but have gone up due to interest & non-payment penalty fees. The debts are credit cards and catalogues. Thanks for reply! X
  2. Can anybody help please? My main consern is what happens after bancrupsy is discharged? Do things return to normal ? I am guessing they must - otherwise the point of discharging the bancrupsy escapes me!
  3. Hi all! I have some debt - credit cards, catalogues and suchlike - and have been unable to make payments for some time - a couple of years. I went to the CAB when I found that I was unable to make repaymenys and was assigned someone to handle my problems. Briefly, I am a single parent who works part - time and recieve tax credits. I rent my home from a private landlord. The CAB told me they had written to all my creditors offering to pay £1 a month as according to the income /expenditure they worked out for me, I have no disposable income. My creditors refused the £1 payments and since then
  4. Hi all, I am having some worries over my suitability as a tennant. I have been renting my house for 9 years with no arrears or problems at all. My fiancee ( we don't live together) has a flat he rents . He has been in it for about 9 years also with no arrears or problems with rent . We are looking to moving in together and need to rent a place between us- I have a daughter so there will be 3 of us. However, I have some debts which are being delt with by the CAB, and my fiancee has had problems with debt, although his are coming to an end as he has paid them off - over a number of years. How
  5. Hi all! Need some advice, can anyone help? I am currently contracted to work Sat, Wed and Fri - 16. hours per week. My employers are trying to make me work Sat, Mon, Wed and Fri every week ( no increase in my hours) which would mean I would never have two days off together. i am unusual in my service in doing every Sat, as all other colleagues at my grade do every other Sat or none at all. I find this difficult as I am a single parent and it means less "quality time" with my children, plus problems with childcare. But I do it, as I can manage with Sun, Mon, Tues off. But with Monday put into
  6. Well, it's all over thank goodness! I have acccepted the caution, which was delivered by a very nice bloke who in fairness did his absolute best to reassure me that I wasn't guilty of fraud , but of a technical fault- not getting my info in on time regardless of the reasons why i didn't. The relief is huge and the whole process has been very stressful, but the caution is really a way of concluding the whole thing, and shouldn't have any effect on my life in the future - unless I commit a proper fraud, in which case it will be considered at court. Anyone going through the same thing- don't w
  7. Thanks for that - am particularly relieved about the job thing, that's my biggest fear, I've spent 5 years working hard and training to get a good career off the ground and I am in a position now where I feel it's all paying off, so to lose it all would be devistating. The letter from the council does say that they have enough evidence to procecute, because I admitted not giving info promptly enough. To be fair, they are right on that, although I do feel I had strong reasons for not telling them asap. It was all a bit of a mix-up, no intent to fraudulently claim money, but technically yes,
  8. I know I should be brave and refuse a caution as this is an admission of guilt and I honestly don't think I am guilty. But I am really stressed about this whole thing and just want it over and done with. I have rung the chap who will be doing my next interview and he says it won't take more than 10 mins - I really feel they are going to offer me the 30% penalty, and are counting on me being too scared to risk court. But like I say, I just want it over and done with so I can sleep again!
  9. Hi all -thanks so much for all help and advice, I really do appreciate it. After posting yesterday, I got home to find a letter on the mat from the council - they say they have enough evidence to procecute me, but are willing to consider issuing a formal caution and have arranged an interview date to discuss the matter. Do you think that this will involve a 30% penalty? Frankly, I am shocked that they can procecute, as I had really valid reasons why I didn't report changes in income promptly and the overpayment is £800 . Also , does anyone know if the council can report my formal caution to ot
  10. Hi - am getting increasingly worried now, as I haven't heard from the Council as yet - plus, am getting a bit worried about another aspect of the situation - I work for a council ( altho not the same one that I claim housing benefit from) - will I lose my job if I receive a caution/fine/procecution or any other measure which indicates I am guilty of benefit fraud?
  11. Well, I had my interview today - the people who spoke to me were polite and not intimidating, although the whole thing was uncomfortable. Basically, they picked up on my basic salary increasing - it is included on my wage slips. But the year before my salary was listed as £2000 less than this year, I made around £2000 in overtime, which I viewed as regular earned income and declaired it as such. I didnt report the increase in my basic salary because I expected the take home to be the same. I am no longer working overtime but I do a fair bit of training for which I am paid but this is very vari
  12. I have just had a meeting with the CAB showed them all my paperwork and explained my situation, and they are at a loss to see what i have actually done wrong.At the worst I am at fault for not supplying wage slips as soon as I got them but like i said i thought that i had to wait to suply two when my wage settled down into a regular pattern - this didnt happen, so i thought the council would average payments out when they had been to see me at my schduled home visit. I have not provided false information, nor have i hidden information. i agree that there has been an overpayment and am paying i
  13. Honestly, looks like you have nothing to really worry about, but I am waiting to attend an interview under caution and I am utterly terrified! They think I owe £800 due to over payments of housing benefit. My problem is that my pay fluctuates by as much as £150 on a monthly basis but I was told to only send in wage slip when I got two of a similar amount - which hasn't happened for months! So i was really pleased when they said I was getting a home visit 'cos I really needed to talk to someone as the whole situation seemed wrong to me. The home visit was delayed by weeks 'cos the lady coming t
  14. Hi - I am waiting to attend an interview under caution with my local council as I am accused of benefit fraud. Tho mine is due to a mix-up over my earnings (well as far as I know, they won't discuss things over the phone) I too am terrified and can't eat or sleep for thinking about it. Keep bursting into tears too. You have been through far more than me so I can only imagine what you are going through. Look for support wherever you can, there are plenty of people about - CAB, doctor, here on this forum-that you can get some support from. Good luck to you xx
  15. Yes, I think sending separate wage slips is the right thing to do , but I have been told by the council that thats not the way they work and to send in two that are similar so they can adjust my payments. I feel I am at fault for not sending payslips in individually, 1 at a time when I have an unusually high one, but I was following instruction from the council on this! I am quite confused really
  16. Thanks so much for the replies, I really appreciate it. The council have already asked for £800 back , which I think is too much. I am supposed to be starting a repayment schedule early Nov, I rang the repayments people to let them know that my latest wage slip shows a much lower amount - i.e my usual wage. They told me to send it in , but not before I get my next pay slip. They are still insisting on 2 pay slips showing same or similar amounts before they reassess -which is what tripped me up in the first place! They said if I am quick about it I can get the reassessment made before the repay
  17. Any help and advice you can give me would be gratefully received, I am so worried right now! I am a single working mum on tax credits and housing benfits. My wage fluctuates a lot due to attending training courses which my employer pays me for. In the past, these fluctuations have resulted in my housing benifit fluctuating too, which has ben picked up at periodic requsts from the council to see my wage slips. I have explained that I am not on a regular income to the council and they have told me in the past to send in 2 wage slips that are similar and they can work things out from that. Ov
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