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  1. Would you like to test this in a court? If you do I would sureley like to have the person defaming me . Contact details He can private message me with his/her details if he would like to put it to the test. He attacked my qualifacations and my job. Fact One I am qualified. Fact Two it was not in the UK. Fact Three. The Judge stated that the breach of contract that BOS did was binding on other courts. "Wait for the Judgement" I am assuming that his referenced other "District Judges" in relation to this and does culminate in a type of precidence. Fact Four I am learning a
  2. No problem AC, The best thing to do is see the judgement when I receive it. I agree anyone is entitled to their opinion. But as for the "sequenci" statement I am of the opinion that he/she would sooner lower the opionion of me by posting something negative about me that could lower other people's of me unless his/her statment in itself is true, The only way of finding that out is by waiting for the judgement. What "sequenci" said could be seen as libel. sequenci worded his comment to indicate that my information is inaccurate and also referenced my job. because there is a case that can be veri
  3. And who are you "A Barister"? Your inforamtion will be shockingly wrong if you continue and as you claim you want this site to remain with accurate information. Any case brought before a court can use the merits of any case brought as long as the has similar facts. I can see that you are more interested in discrediting people and it looks like you're more interested in a slanging match. Whats the problem are you jealous that I won and you had not thought of the idea? Fact is no-one has taken there bank to court before for this type of claim. I have and I won which must mean t
  4. please yourself. You know better! at that point i don't think i can be bothered with writing anymore on this website. Fact I won and who should a care about? oh yeah me! A note Courts must follow their own proclamations of law made earlier on other cases, and honor rulings made by other courts in disputes among the parties before them pertaining to the same pattern of facts or events, unless they have a strong reason to change these rulings. I will post it on my own site have a good day
  5. I would not cease paying this type of credit agreement an waiting for them to take court action. I would take the action against the lender. That the terms of the credit agreement are UNFAIR they certainly sound like they are unfair. The problem is that the agreement amount you have is £35,000 the amount should be on what is called an unregulated credit agreement. If the agreement is on the wrong paperwork , which I have seen happen once before with Mercedes Finance where they wrote the agreement on consumer credit act 74 agreement in would look like the agreement doess not match
  6. Upon reading the case law in this case, It is apparent the claimant could not get an injunction because he had previously defaulted on the credit agreement. In this case refering the information to CRA's cannot be seen as a type of enforcement of the agreement but a truth of the fact that the claimant had defaulted many times. I do not see this case as a very good test case. I would like to know of anyone who had perfect credit up until the time the agreement was deemed unenforcable. This would shed a better light on the whole situation. For those guys who know me on here and know that I
  7. My site is hosted on my servers in Arizona and the site is factual ......the site theyre talking about is not my site and its also hosted on Arizona servers this time owned by Go Daddy Yes I have seen the Godfrey vs. Demon case
  8. As I said its not enforced the CCA2006 did not repeal it ,,,,If it did repeal it no one would be claiming unenforcable credit agreements right now . You cant have bits of legislation covering one bit but not the other ,,,,,read CCA 2006 it takes unenforcability out of the equasion.... You are right about one thing though i read law on the internet from government websites as not every single word is in my brain. If you guys think im from the other side you should check out my other posts here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bailiffs-sheriff-officers/65153-equita-caught-handed-
  9. oh my we having fun with legal debate, fact is if they removed the offence section out of the CCA under 80 you would also be entitled to have an Hire Purchase Agreement on a car not pay for it and not tell them where the car is,,, This is an offence,,,,,, Any Claims Co that tells you that you could keep your car are bs-ing you. Its a danger when people talk about newbies on sites like this ,,,, its apparent that the oldies dont like the newbies giving them facts. If the law was about the day the agreement was written hence before April 07 and its now 09 ,,,,How come I have a job? lo
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