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  1. Well CAB saidthey are legally aloud to bring a locksmith because they are court appointed warrant officers. Yes I have ignored some letters. Not all of them, I signed to say I was speeding and sent my licence in. Spoke to court...nothing they can do. Spoke to bail.iff office...nothing they can do. Spoke to Bailiff...will accept 2 installments!! Best I can do hey ho xx x
  2. I think they said that it can become a criminal offense if I do not pay, as speeding is an offense and the bailiffs have a right to issue a warrent for my arrest or break in to my home?? Am just so confused by it all x x
  3. I received a summons am afraid. So I guess there is not much I can do. I ended up ringing the bailiff, as I was told they can legally enter my property as it is a criminal offense, even if I am not here. I have to pay by tomorrow!! this sucks! Thanks for all your help guys, but I think its my own fault for being so up in the clouds. x x x x x
  4. I sent a letter recorded delivery with an offer of payment to the council last week. With a copy of the letter I sent to the bailiffs re: charges. I will more than likely be at work tomorrow-I work from 7am til 10pm. Am a bit suspicious of telephoning as no evidence. Letters are better. I know its urgent, but he aint getting in, and I will be at work with my car. I was told that as long as I show willing to pay, there is not alot they can do. And have sent some money to the council. x Thanks for your help
  5. I sent a letter to the council with a payment and an offer of payments. I sent a letter to the bailiffs. I have now received two letters by hand from the bailiffs saying they are coming back tomorrow to remove my belongings. I will be at work, but what do I do now?? Not heard from the council. Need my car for work!
  6. Am screwed! Have to pay £475 for 1 fine in full and other one in £50 installments or I will get a warrent for my arrest!!! CAB told me this?? What do u think?? Any ideas where I can get this kind of money!!!!!!! Ha Ha oh I know the money tree I saw the other day!!! On the other hand if I paid it in first place I prob would not be in such a predicament! Thanks for all ur help x x
  7. Spoke to CAB and they said that bailiffs for parking fines have no rights to clamp my car or enter my home unless peaceful entry is gained. They said warrant officers in regards to speeding fines have such rights, as a speeding fine is a criminal offense, but a parking ticket is not. Does this sound right?? Am so confused by it all!! thanks for all your help x x x
  8. Warrent of execution?? What is this?? I read on here they cannot take my car if I need it for work, which I do. (I do home visits). ??
  9. I sent my driving licence in and have received points. I am willling to pay but cannot afford it all. thought of wrighting to them and offering an affordable amount x
  10. I cannot afford to pay this in one lump, do u think it wise to wright to jacobs and offer an amount of £10 a week? I will send some money in my letter???? too late for a witness statement
  11. I have received a letter from Wescot on 20/05/09 re Greenwood Credit. I have no paper work on this? Cannot even remember getting a loan from them? I then received another letter on 4/6/9 from Wescot, saying if I fail to reply immediately by 18th June (which I think is bad english!), then bad things will happen e.g ccj, bailiffs etc Should I wright to them and request a copy of my original credit agreement from Greenwoods?? Anything else I should do?? Thanks for any help x x x
  12. I have c tax arrears from 2 previous propertys. (Due to unforseen circumstances, I had to sell my house as I got into financial hardship!). 1. £459.43 2.£584.44 = £1043.87 I made an arrangment to pay an amount per month for my c tax. I found I could not afford this. I had a letter from them saying I agreed to pay an amount for both every month til debt was paid. This agreement was over the phone and to Phoenix. Which amounted to £1128.87. £85 fee added by Phoenix. I have received 2 letters from Phoenix Commercial Collections, (1 letter each per property) saying to pay in full to avoid bailiffs. 1 for £506.93 and 1 for £636.94 = £1143.87 £15 added on by Phoenix. They now want full payment or they will come and take my car and goods. My car is parked away, (I also need my car for work, as I attend peoples houses, can they take my car if I need it for work??) I read that I should wright to the council and offer an affordable amount. Should I wright to Phoenix as well?? Anything else i should do?? Thanks for any help x x x
  13. I got a parking fine on 3/7/08. and have not paid it (there are no car parks, and I was a nurse on call, just nipped in a shop to collect my mum birthday present, bet they were waiting in the alley for me!) Anyhow, the fine has gone up and up. Parkwise, who have been after the fine, sent a letter saying an order to recover the penalty has been made by the traffic enforcement centre, to pay £105 fine and £5 court reg fee. Then got letter from Jacobs to pay £122.88 ??? I rang them (i now know, not to do this!), offered 2 payments of £61.44. Then I found I could not afford this. I received a further letter, if full payment is not received in 4 days a bailiff will attend! and further costs incurred. Who do I wright to, Parkwise or Jacobs?? Cannot figure out how they got to £122.88?? They obviously have there own rules!!
  14. Dont worry am off to the picture framers as we speak!! Prime place above the fire I think!!! My only concern was the bit that said if the they should obtain the original agreement they will be back, but I guess they have to say that!! Off to celebrate my first victory x x x
  15. No clue what to do! Looked around on this site and been advised to start my own thread x x I received a letter from Magistrates court for fine £175 plus £15 costs and £60 costs. (no idea what costs are for). Saying the court has made a collection order to collect the sum due. dated 6th march 09. I then received a letter from Marston dated 7th may 09. to pay £250 plus £50 bailiff fees. saying they had possession of a magistrates court order. Saying to pay in full in 7 days or they will come to my property. I got a letter today 9th june 09. says hand delivered on envelope..(I have been in all morning and no one knocked on my door) p.s. I live in a house with 9 flats, there is a front door that has a code to get in. The letter is a removal notice. It says to pay £475 immediately or they will come back with a lock smith and remove goods even if I am out!! as in accordance with law!! And further fees added will be no less than £150. They left a mobile num: but I will not be ringing them! or letting them in. I have moved my car also. The second speeding fine is similar, but as yet I have not received a removal notice. Just £120 for the fine £35 cost £15 costs from magistrates court, then letter from marston with £50 bailiff fees. Now from what I have read, I should wright to the courts and offer an affordable payment without the bailiff fees. What about the court costs?? Also how do I stop the bailiffs?? I cannot afford all of this, but can afford to pay some each week? All advice appreciated x x x
  16. SUCCESS!!! Sent a letter requesting my credit agreement. They finally sent me a letter explaining they could not obtain a copy and they will no longer take any further contact re: payment and they have closed the file. Yippee. Thanks for all your help x x
  17. Bit confused! I have a letter from Marston. Re: C tax arrears. Do I send them a letter with payment and my affordable amount I can pay or the council? Also, they have stated if I fail to make immediate payment they will come back with a locksmith and remove goods in my absence, in accordance with the law. and they will do it at anytime without warning! I am terrified, scared to stay, scared to leave! Dont know what to do! Please help. Thanks x x x
  18. Yes, the policy is not so clear. It was an accident, but could be construed as a wilful act?? Its a bit confusing! Will see what i can do
  19. http://www.lefthooker.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/posting/brighthouse_dlc_terms.pdf If this works, this is a link to the policy. I can be assertive. I just figure it was my fault, but was an accident. Thanks for your help. x x x x
  20. I am afraid I was swollowed up by Brighthouse, I have a poor credit history, (due to mortgage interest rate), and decided to get a big tv! I am afraid I have broken it! I know I am a very dumb blonde! I was cleaning and while wiping my table, rather enthusiastically!, my dongle flew into the screen! Causing a bullet hole and spider web! There is now a big black hole where the picture used to be. I am up to date with my payments. I took out that stupid damage policy, but cannot figure out if I am covered. As it is with Brighthouse, I guess accidental damage may not cover me, just them! I have not had the tv long! I am not relishing the idea of paying for a tv for the next three years, that is not useable. I realise it is my fault, but I took out the damage cover for this kind of accident. Can anyone advice me on what to do. x x x
  21. mmmmmmmm not sure?? Am afraid I had a break in last year and alot of my documentation got destroyed. I think I may have taken the card out over 6 yrs ago. but stopped paying about three yrs ago.. Thanks for all your help x x x
  22. The letter says.... We may now issue and serve legal proceedings against you, without further notice through the county court, which if successful could mean you may incur the following costs in addition to the outstanding debt..list of costs added to original debt. Ok I did not read it correctly. They have not added on any charges, but are quoting the costs if it goes to court. It says if I call them I can resolve this matter by arranging a payment. so i guess i am ok to send the cca? x x
  23. Ok let me just get this right. I need to send a letter to Hampton/Lowell requesting CCA-Which is the original credit agreement. A request for Notice of Assignment....this says the date has been passed/bought to Lowell. And request copies of Default notices.? Just one last query.....Can I put in the letter that they Cannot add interest/additional charges as no agreement to pay has been made?? or does that sound lame. sorry to be a pain. x x x x
  24. Brill. Thanks. Will start with those letters and keep u updated of there response. Think the credit card was with Halifax? I know thats mad but its been so long, since I used it. Destroyed it years ago. Not been to court YET! x x Thanks so much. only got letter today, so will get my letters in tomorrow. Thanks again x x x
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