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  1. My ESA (Support Group) award had a prognosis of 18 months (I have epilepsy) which ends 12th Feb 2016. I have just been told by Maximus that as yet the DWP have not informed Maximus about my reassessment. I had heard that the ESA50 should land on my doormat 2 weeks before the end of my award ie I should have received today What does this mean? If the DWP have not told Maximus to drag me in for ESA reassessment then can I assume they will simply award me a stay of execution without another ESA medical? Any advice appreciated Cheers SD
  2. Check your ESA award letter. If it's not recorded on your award letter then call the DWP and they should be able confirm your prognosis I'm on WRAG with an 18 month prognosis and even though I have to attend WFI's I have never be mandated onto a work programme. Indeed my Job Centre Plus adviser has told my 18 month prognosis means I cannot be mandated I hope it's not changed so check cheers
  3. Check your prognosis. If it's 18 months or over you cannot be mandated onto a work programme. Those are DWP rules apparently?
  4. Many thanks for that Margaret Appreciated SD
  5. Not sure if anyone has experienced this but JCP have just called and left me a message saying I had a WFI this morning and I hadn't turned up for it. Well, I never received a letter for this WFI I smell a rat though.. What's the sanctions for missing a WFI? Cheers SD
  6. If your prognosis on ESA is 18 months or over you cannot be forced to take up any form of courses or work related activity unless you volunteer to do so. Neither can you be forced into employment. If your prognosis is less than 18 months you are required to do what they tell you and that includes attending WFI and other courses recommending to you Check your ESA award letter or call the DWP and check your prognosis period
  7. I sent in my ESA50 for WCA reassessment way back in Oct 2013 and I'm still waiting to be called for a WCA with ATOS. Does anyone know if the recent upheavals with the DWP and ATOS have led to all WCA's being cancelled until further notice? Any ideas on this? Cheers
  8. I've been reading a certain website by a whistle blower (or so he calls himself). I believe he's a doctor who used to perform WCA tests for ATOS and he's wrote the following on his blog regarding what he believes will happen and indeed what is now happening to the ESA WCA: It is positive by the way ---- Tuesday, 25 February 2014 ESA Reassessments Suspended The dogged investigators at Benefits and Work have used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain a key DWP internal memo from January. In it, the DWP instructed its staff to stop asking Atos for WCAs in certain circumstances. It was an official communication, so naturally it was unclear. Here's what I think it DIDN'T say: No one will ever have a WCA again The IB reassessment programme has stalled It's because Atos are pulling out. What I think it DID say is: When a claimant has: a) had a WCA; b) been accepted for ESA; and c) been recommended for another WCA in the future to review their condition, then Atos should henceforth no longer be asked to carry out that further WCA to review the claimant, unless the claimant has reported a change The reason for the suspension is that a large backlog of WCAs has built up Normal service is expected to resume when new providers come on stream at a later date in addition to Atos. The memo was written in January and the author was presumably unaware that Atos were hoping to pull out of the WCA programme ASAP! So I think statements about this being the end of the WCA are wide of the mark. What it does show is that Atos cannot process WCA requests quickly enough - no doubt because of the longer time it now takes to carry each one out, and because the number of assessors still willing to do them has dwindled since last summer. Posted by dr greg wood at 11:12
  9. I'm in the ESA Support Group and have just rec'd another ESA50 and was wondering if anyone else had experienced this? How should I approach completing the ESA50 and what are the chances of being taken off the ESA Support Group? Many thanks SD
  10. Sem They won't stop your payment for the period ending 2nd Dec. but if your appeal is dismissed then they will terminate your ESA claim. It is that simple. They will terminate your claim to ESA. You can then either reapply for ESA (assuming you fulfill the 6 month criteria) or you can apply for JSA but remember to submit sick-notes once you submit your new claim for ESA or else you'll receive nothing at all and then you'll be forced to claim JSA good luck
  11. Sem In my experience you will receive your payment. I suspect that they stop your ESA or become un-entitled to it the day after the tribunal should you fail it. This is what happened to me anyway good luck
  12. sem you don't need a GL24 form. Simply write out or type your appeal explaining why you're appealing and write at the top of the letter 'GL24. Appeal against DWP decision to refuse my application for ESA'..once this is submitted you will receive the same rate of ESA you're getting now until your actual appeal. If you fail to submit sick notes your benefit payments will stop immediately
  13. I'll make it easy for you with an example You make a new ESA claim on the 01/01/2011 Following the usual WCA medical with ASOS you are turned down for ESA on the 01/04/2011 You appeal using a GL24. The appeal takes as long as it takes and you lose the appeal You then can only make another ESA claim on the 01/10/2011 It is that simple for the same condition try righsnet.org.uk
  14. - semayden 6 months must have passed from the ending of your old claim to the start of your new claim. That is the most important thing to note. If this requirement as been satisfied then call the DWP and say you'd like to make a fresh application for ESA. They can't refuse your claim if the 6 month rule as been satisfied. You are treated like any other new ESA claimant. Of course you have to submit doctors notes to cover the period of application until you are, assuming you are, successful in your claim. I appealed my first claim and lost the appeal. They stopped my money a week after the appeal date but the 6 month rule had been satisfied so I called the DWP, made a fresh claim asap and submitted doctors note. Good luck
  15. You can make a new ESA application with the same condition just as long as it's been 6 months from the date your previous claim was rejected. Better still if you spent months going through the appeal process. Evidently from what you have said it's been 7 1/2 months for you so yes you can make a fresh claim Good luck
  16. Thanks for that mate Sorry for being thick but: Do I have to buy an Orange pay as u go mobile? And are all my contact list stored on my sim or on the mobile itself? Silly questions i know but I'm clueless on stuff like this Cheers man
  17. Thanks for that mate Sorry for being thick but: Do I have to buy an Orange pay as u go mobile? And are all my contact list stored on my sim or on the mobile itself? Silly questions i know but I'm clueless on stuff like this Cheers man
  18. I damaged my mobile last week but retained the sim from it. I want to buy another mobile and use the sim from my previous mobile. How do I do that? Does the number come with the sim and the mobile it was issued with or is the number with the sim only? It's Orange pay as you go. What are my options? Many thanks
  19. Sincere apologies for this. Problem sorted. Again, sorry
  20. I'm on ESA Support Group and i'm usually paid this morning but it's not arrived in my bank. Tried to call the benefits call centre but you never, ever get through and it simply cuts you off. I was wondering if anyone as not been paid recently and if this is a technical glitch ie computer system breakdown etc? I have read some threads on here who claim not to have been paid as well as per normal.. Wondering if it's me or benefits people messing up Many thanks
  21. You can apply with the same condition just as long it is 6 months from the date of notification of your failed medical
  22. HI I completed my ESA50 last night and it has to be rec'd by ATOS by the 11/07/2011. I need to guarantee it is rec'd by ATOS so do I take it there by hand, send by recorded delivery or special delivery? I need proof that ATOS have actually rec'd and signed for my completed ESA50 and I don't trust ATOS as far as I can thrown them so I was wondering what others on here have used to ensure these important docs actually rec'd by ATOS? Thanks
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