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  1. Ollie Bollie Ive just received exactly the same defence from LLoyds for my case, apart from paragraphs 2,3 and 4,6 regarding your POC. Did you use the template from here? If so ignore those paragraphs! If not post up your POC here so we can check it's ok. Its a template defence document and should not cause you any concern. It is based on the Service Charge and No Breach arguments, both of which are extremely weak. Check it's signing date btw;) Good Luck:)
  2. Hi John Capital One are one of the few companies who make a sincere attempt to comply with the true meaning of the DPA. The extra statements you have received are all the records of contact with yourself. (Call notes and instructions taken, missed payments, entered debt spiral etc) So they have literally sent you everything they've got on you including manual intervention notes. Crack on with your spreadsheet. Loads of Luck
  3. Excellent news Zuko....How easy was that?! Congratulations to you.
  4. Wow! That Order deserves a gold frame! I suspect a speedy settlement will be on its way. I'll be watching with interest too! Good Luck
  5. What does the letter say? I wouldnt bother ringing them anymore, just stick to your schedule and file that claim.
  6. Hi angmuk Have a read of this and amend to suit the fact that you have filed your claim already. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/25716-rejecting-offers.html Assuming you dont want to accept that is! Fight on and Good Luck!
  7. Hello Kenco Welcome to the CAG forum. Have a thorough read of this: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/11644-allocation-questionnaires-guide-completion.html and http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/53570-new-strategy-allocation-questionnaires.html Hopefully that will answer all your queries. Loads of luck with Lloyds, I'm at exactly the same stage.
  8. Chris If you are going to claim contractual interest, do NOT use MCOL. MCOL only gives you a very limited amount of space for POC, adequate for a 'bog standard' claim but not enough for contractual arguments. Go for the N1 hard copy version, http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/681-4-particulars-claim-n1.html then have a scout around for threads with info on contractual interest, there are quite a few examples of POC for Contractual floating around. CAG hasnt produced an official CI template as the legal arguments associated are not yet fully developed. Good luck
  9. Hi FM I saw you just pop into chat then leave, if you want to come back you'll get loads of help. I'm wondering how come you are at this late stage without claiming County Courts Interest at 8%. Depending on the size of your claim this could be alot of money. Remember this is the interest that the court allows you to add to your claim. In fact i'm wondering a few things now........did you do spreadsheets/schedule of charges? What did your N1 form Particulars Of Claim say? If you have left this interest off, it may well be worth amending your claim amount to include interest. Tell me more.........
  10. Have NatWest raised the issue yet? Did you include S.69 County Courts Interest at 8%? Personally, I would leave it till they raise it, bear in mind it wont be going to court and therefore they will at some point offer settlement, no doubt with these charges removed. (which you should accept!) If you are talking about Overdraft interest, then you should have claimed it from the outset, it is no argument for altering the claim. You can alter the claim by filling in an N244 form and paying a fee of £35....but personally I'd leave it. I made the same error on my business claim, when they settled they merely deducted the charge I had included in error. Its your call:)
  11. Welcome ParentPower Support duly offered but advice is probably not needed! Start a thread in the LLoyds bank forum to let us know the whole story and also to get more help if you need it. Good idea to attach the wasted costs order and also have a good read here for the details of the Draft Order for Directions that should also be added. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/11644-allocation-questionnaires-guide-completion.html loads of luck kate:)
  12. sensible decision i think.....not a bad result from 2 letters! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  13. Hi Beanie OK, Natwest do pay out quite regularly at letter stage, offering back only charges though, no interest. What confuses me about your case is that you say you added 8% contractual interest. If you mean 8% County Courts Interest...then you can only add that at claim filing stage and therefore they have in effect offered you a full refund. If however, you mean Contractual Interest, then this should be described as such and be set at the rate the bank charged you at (usually 15-30%) this interest is added from letter stage and you cannot claim County Courts Interest on top. Assuming you meant the former, then you will have added the 8% at the incorrect stage...and you may not have a strong claim to go further. If you meant the latter, you need to do lots of reading up on Contractual Interest before you decide whether to decline their offer and fight on by filing a claim at court. If you want to get more info on this dilemma, (cos it is a bit complex to explain) pop into the chatroom for further lively discussion and opinion! Good Luck
  14. :o Jules...Include anything in the bundle that could be relevant to your claim, if in doubt, print it and include it. Follow the instructions on the Bundle Thread.... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/33060-basic-court-bundle.html As for posting details of your claim, do you mean for the 'Litigation in Process' thread? Or do you mean that you want to scan your defence docs, so we can see them?
  15. WOW, that was fast Lively!! Thanks
  16. Hi Jules Perhaps the reason why your a bit confused is because you have lots of different threads about the same claim. A moderator will merge them shortly and you should get more help. I'll have a read of the seperate threads for now and see what I can come up with. In future, stick to one thread. If you lose it, click 'User CP' at top left of CAG main screen. In there is 'Subscriptions' on LHS, click it to access all threads you have posted in, including of course your own!
  17. Hi again Toptotty I'd recommend using N1 hard copy to file your claim. You can download the form and see the guides on completion here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/681-4-particulars-claim-n1.html As you enjoyed the spreadsheets so much, this will be a doddle! MCOL is OK for basic straightforward claims, but you have restricted space and it can feel a bit daunting for first timers. With N1, you can perfect the form then just send it to your local court....much more 'satisfying' Remember to attach the spreadsheets.
  18. I would not bother to split the claim at all, you may technically be at risk of costs but in reality........... We advise people at Allocation Questionnaire stage to ask for small claims even if the amount is higher than 5k. Many claims for over 5k are heard in the Small Claims track. Regardless of the amount, Nationwide will still settle way before a court hearing so ....it's your call:) Good luck
  19. Those are Advantage Gold fees wendy, sadly they can't be reclaimed:mad: If you didnt realise you had a premium account, call into the branch to cancel this facility. Good luck
  20. Hiya Demonlady Welcome to CAG:) It sounds like you have the claim pretty much under control, it's a standard claim with no complications, so......you should start getting offers very soon. As the court date is some 2months away, there is plenty of time still for you to keep up the pressure and get your money. It wont end up in court, which you know already:D So dont worry, your settlement will be coming soon. Loads of luck
  21. I've just had this happen on an Abbey DPA too, I received about 2 yrs worth of statements and nothing else. I rang to find out what had happened to the older statements and was told that they 'may' take 4 weeks to arrive because they are on microfiche. A letter arrived the next day confirming this. The DPA deadline has now just passed. Yes, they have breached the DPA and you could pursue them for non compliance. From reading the forums, you will see that other Abbey claimants have come up against this delay too. Personally, I'm going to give them another 14 days for the microfiche but the choice is yours. I would ring up and chase them though. Good Luck
  22. As far as I understood it all card providers should offer this facility. Perhaps you kind people out there could do a bit of checking for me? Ring up your card provider and find out if you are permitted to switch to a signature/pin card. Thanks:)
  23. I assume you are concerned that NW will call in the 35k overdraft if you start reclaiming before you have your remortgage? You say you are planning to reduce o/d by 18k? Charges reclaim of 12k? Total 30k. Natwest are planning to let you have a 5k overdraft only. With those figures, I can't see how Natwest can turn your o/d into a loan, with charges and remortgage you will have virtually cleared it anyway. Yes, there is a chance that Natwest may call in the overdraft during the reclaim process, but it doesnt sound as if this is going to affect the situation and you should be able to fight any such moves. On the other hand, do you want the balance of the O/D turned into a loan? That would leave you with more capital to redevelop the business. One tip though....if you do prefer for the balance to be turned into a loan, shop around a few different companies, see if you can get better terms elswhere. Whichever way, I feel you have little to lose by starting the reclaims process as soon as possible. Good luck
  24. Nope. personal and biz accounts still running, they didnt even call in the 4k biz overdraft!
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