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  1. Hi Reaver Have a read of this... County Court Fees good luck:)
  2. That is a standard response Adoniz...proceed to LBA. Have you attached your spreadsheet to your letters? Loads of luck:)
  3. katesage

    bp v abbey x2

    Yaaaaayyyy!! Good luck on this claim BP:)
  4. Natwest are usually quite helpful like this BUT still send the SAR, because if they do mess you around, that letter is your legal proof you made the request. Still send the £10 fee as well, they will probably return it to you, but better be safe than sorry.
  5. No SAFC you cant add all your overdraft interest. If you can persist, try to fill out the England Complex Excel in here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/182-6-interest-calculation-spreadsheets.html It will calculate what proportion of your overdraft interest was caused by charges and is therefore reclaimable. Good luck
  6. I also received a letter once from Natwest, all my details, just totally different name! I complained to the bank at the time and they just said it was a simple typo. I would call them to enquire what they are playing at? All your other stuff seems to be in order, post back here if you have any probs.
  7. i'm assuming you meant to post this in the woolwich forum. i'll ask if it can be moved:) perhaps if you could give some more details such as amount claimed etc.
  8. Hi Bentley Try not to worry, the Directions Hearing is just a short hearing to decide how the claim shall be managed, what evidence shall be required, etc etc...it is NOT the final hearing. I attended a similiar hearing on Wednesday and it was very informal and straightforward. Do remember that your claim will be heard in the Small Claims track which is designed with independent consumers in mind. Unfortunately, that date is a little while off, hopefully Lloyds will settle in the near future, it sounds like your local court is very busy. Using a solicitors firm would not have altered this delay, so pat yourself on the back for having managed it so well so far.
  9. You can include the three accounts in one claim so long as you are a named account holder of all 3. Send correspondence to: BARCLAYS BANK PLC 1 CHURCHILL PLACE LONDON E14 5HP Recorded delivery. Loads of Luck with your claim:)
  10. It is quite normal for Abbey to submit a defence, it's really just another stalling tactic to try and put you off. Have you received an Allocation Questionnaire? Have a read in the FAQs about the later stages of taking your claim to court. Also have a look in the Templates section at Allocation Questionnaires. Good Luck
  11. my fault, new barclays thread was started before welcome thread was moved! all your questions are in one place now:) thanks crush
  12. Have a look in here to see a list of banks and their services. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/welcome-our-forum/58685-do-you-need-parachute.html Most banks have a basic account for those with poor credit, but you will be restricted in facilities you can have. I'm going to get this thread moved to Barclays for you:)
  13. Have you opened a parachute account? Have you got all your statements and how far back? Looks like Barclays are going to be awkward over your unauthorised overdraft, so it may well be worth having a plan to cope with that ie another account. You are entitled to reclaim your charges regardless of how they came about. You can claim back as far as you have or can get statements to show charges. Start a thread in the Barclays forum. click here to access http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/barclays-bank/ Good luck
  14. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Dont forget to fill the survey.......
  15. Hi Cansomeoneadvise Welcome to the forum. Many banks will be unhelpful just when you most need helping. I can't advise you on why this is, but all those charges you have incurred through being denied an overdraft, can be reclaimed. Read the FAQs first, click the link under my signature below. Start a thread in the forum of the bank you are claiming against and keep us posted with your progress.
  16. Wow pumpkin, thats a great claim! Make sure you send your schedule of charges to MCOL to be attached to your claim. Do plenty of reading up on the defence and allocation questionnaires stage of your claim. Good luck:) I wish you loads of luck.
  17. Hi Ladeyshalley Welcome to CAG:) Could you firstly start your own thread in the Lloyds Bank Forum. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloyds-bank/ As for those charges, I'm afraid they sound like 'service charges' which are not reclaimable. They have not resulted from any breaches, therefore they are not penalty charges. (even tho they feel like it!) Good Luck
  18. OK Ollie The POC you have used are OK(ish) and would not in themselves justify a strikeout (IMVHO) It seems that the fact you did not send a schedule to be attached to your claim may be what is causing the issue. Have a read of this thread because a/ it shows our POC (which is good) and b/ post 2 gives information about sending in the schedule. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/34887-5-money-claim-line.html You need to send the schedule of charges to the Defence and the Court asap, with a covering letter. Hopefully then all will just progress as normal.
  19. Hi Bev Ive got to pop out for a couple of hours, if you could post up your POC I'll check it this afternoon and tell you how to sort out if necessary.
  20. Ahhhhhhhh:| OK, Can you type up the exact wording of your Particulars of Claim that you used on the Moneyclaim online form. There is a possibility, depending on how good or bad the POC is that you may have to amend your claim. Dont worry too much, its reasonably straightforward to sort out. But it will need prompt attention.
  21. Hi Katze In my opinion, I would start again on the spreadsheet using the one from here. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/182-6-interest-calculation-spreadsheets.html (England Complex Excel) Add the overdraft interest, the £90 extra charges but dont include the 8%. Send this with the LBA letter template, (amend it slightly with a paragraph explaining the reasons for the changes, but don't apologize;) ) Lloyds are not known for early settlements and I doubt you will get a positive response within 14 days, so start preparing your N1 court form, add the new spreadsheets to the court form including the 8% and then you will be making a claim for the full amount you are owed. Good Luck
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