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  1. post #1 says he had a heart attack, it does not say if it was a terminal one. Thats why i asked.
  2. is the husband still alive? surely he would be next of kin if he is.
  3. What is the error message OE brings up? Is it a relaying denied message? if so you need to change the account settings to log in to the the outgoing mail server (smtp)
  4. We had a problem years ago with filters on a Dyson. It was caused by using carpet freshener (powder type like shake n vac) As soon as we stopped using it the problem was solved. Have laminate now so not a problem.
  5. Well as you own the "house and road" i would also assume you own the tree you hit as well. Was the tree in the road? Have you never noticed that tall thing with lots of branches growing outide your house before?
  6. If you look on the website it CLEARLY says you may need an extension cable if you want the modem and hub further away. I have had Infinity for around a month and its great. I went from a 2mb connection to 26mb and i have 8mb upload.
  7. didnt you take out insurance when sending high value goods?
  8. why not call or pop into the shop and ask?
  9. why have they lost the plot? If you had to activate the phone yourself it would have still cost you wouldnt it?
  10. are you booking direct with virgin atlantic or through a travel agent?
  11. why is argos at fault? The buyer entered the wrong address and argos have delivered the product to the address given at time of purchase. You cant blame them for your own mistakes.
  12. your contract is with the retailer and not the manufacturer
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