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  1. hi guys, well its started again ruthbridge have sent a letter to my BROTHERS address telling him I owe money to Barclays , this debt is now 17 years old , in that time I have had no contact with any d.c.a, , I could not give a stuff about them ,but now they are sending letters to family members (my sister inlaw panicked) I told them not to worry, but surley it can not be right fot them to send letters to family? (my other brother received one about 10 years ago) I
  2. you have to be careful, there are 2 companies with same name,(moorcroft) not sure if there connected, one offers debt solutions, the other is a debt recovery firm , best to ignore them, and seek further guidence from your local c.a.b ,
  3. i got a similar call, i told them to wait while i find out if any one has heard of the person they were asking for, i went back to the phone after approx 20 mins and they had hung up, never got any more calls from them,
  4. these calls are from the scottish bureau of investigation(sounds a fancy name) they always call neighbours pretending to be a postal delivery service.dont worry about them they dont have any legal powers in england or wales, they try to get debts which are no longer valid(over 6 yrs old, you will receive a letter soon addressed to the occupier,just bin it and ignore it
  5. you are within your rights to collect the ring you have already paid for at the agreed price,there are a few options open to you here, you can report them to trading standards, (tell them this, see what there reaction is) tell them they have legal obligation to supply goods as agreed in the signed contract, or your within your rights to get a full refund, if they refuse a refund back to your card, phone up card company and they will be able to claim it for you, however as i said if you really want the ring as per agreement , ask them for number of head office and tell them you are going to mak
  6. take it to your c.a.b, they will tell you straight away if its ok or not.
  7. easy way, make an appointment with your local c.a.b, they will sort it out for you free of charge,DONT go to a debt management company ,they will charge you for there sevices, the c.a.b is free and they have very good debt advisors,they will sort every thing for you and all debt companies will have to go through them, rather than contacting you. hope this helps
  8. ignore them, they are a debt collection co, who try to get debts which are no longer valid, dont phone, or contact them in anyway,
  9. thanks for the welcome, these muppets wind me up they try to scare people into paying something which they no longer owe (statuette barred) excuse my spelling! i would love to take them on in court but they are to scared to go that far , there bullys with no bottle !
  10. ive helped people in the past with these plastic morons
  11. thank you for your welcome, these people wind me up, they think they can scare people, let them try it with me,
  12. ignore them ,report them to trading standards,dont worry about them ,dont phone them, keep letters for future reference (if needed )send copys to o.f.t, if you are worried go to your c.a.b they will sort them out, THERE BREAKING THE LAW BY PRETENDING TO BE WHO THERE NOT ! there debt collecters who are chasing debts that are statuete barred ignore these muppets, there nobody
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