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  1. Anyone able to help me as in long standing argument with regal Credit over an alleged debt that is currently in dispute with another Debt agency....Regal called my mobile number and the lady was most rude on the phone because I would not confirm my name etc unless they told me who they were and what they wanted...data protection etc...anyway she was rude and after I told her to send a letter as would have no dealing with them by phone she did however I have asked for a copy of the recording as their last letter says that their lady was not rude...firstly can they record a call without actually
  2. Thanks everyone for feedback and replies...I will scan docs I received and hope someone here can tell me if it is enforecable or not...to be honest from reading various other posts on threads on here it would appear that it is not but would rather scan docs and see what replies I get. More annoyed that they sent a letter 16th July 2010 saying that Crapone had no agreement and that therefore Lowells would not contact me again and that I did not owe them anything...and then this arrives which is very very annoying...feel like writing to Lowells and returning everything back to them saying "
  3. Hi Teethgrinder...I know this post is a few years old but I am currently in the same boat as you with these people Capital Crap one!!However mine was passed to various DCAs and then Lowell DCA decided to chase me on it. I asked them for the CCA and they took 6 months to reply in July 2010 that they couldn't provide it as Crapone had last my agreement and therefore they were no longer going to chase me for the alleged debt and that I owe them nothing!!!. That letter was on the 16th July 2010...then on 29th July 2010...I get a letter again from Llowell saying that they are enclosing my agreement
  4. Thanks for that - I have the template letter for the account in dispute and I will add that I want a copy of their complaints procedure but what exactly do I write and say to the OFT in my letter to them? Should I just say that this DCA sent a door collector when the account was in dispute?? Thanks for your help on this. Appreciate your reply. x
  5. Alleged Vanquis Bank debt has been going round the house of every DCA in town since March 2009. Usual threats etc and I just ignored them. Then in January 2010 I decided to ask C.A.R.S DCA agency to forward the agreement etc. They replied within a week saying I had to get this agreement from Vanquis and they returned my £1. I sent them the £1 back the same day with a letter saying that it was their duty to get me the agreement not for me to chase Vanquis directly. They did not reply to my request again but rather sent me a letter offering me a substantial reduction on the alleged debt. It di
  6. Well it appears that the above Lowell people are keen to get their money one way or another as their original letter dated 16th July 2010 said that there was no credit agreement and that Captial One could not locate and therefore I owed them no monies. Not heard from them since this date in July. Then today bomb shell..... I have received a letter from Lowell enclosing the original credit agreement with Capital one (copy actually) showing my signiture and their computer generated statements giving me 21 days to pay and showing state of the account as defaulted. Next move?
  7. Hi Bazaar...have hung it pride of place on the office wall...a reminder of one small step for mankind against DCA's...thanks for the reply!! x;)
  8. Never thought I would be in control of this and in a strange way feels good...I feel so much more positive...thanks for the above comments. I doubt they would pass to another DCA as it has been passed to nearly every DCA I have ever read or heard about on this forum and others - Lowells however were the only ones I ever replied to with a CCA request. Just wondering if Capital One will ever send me demand for payment themselves althou I could just remind them that they need a certain CCA!!! Many thanks for your comments really cheered me up!! And I sooo like the "You are in control of t
  9. Hi all, Lowell have been chasing me for an alleged Captial One debt which had already been round the houses with various DCA before I found this site and when I received Lowells letter I sent them the "Send me the credit agreement" letter. It has taken them since Nov 2009 to finaly reply today with a letter saying that Captial One no longer have my credit agreement and therefore they are unable to send it to me and therefore they are closing the account(I assume this means with Lowell ?) and that I do not owe them any money!!! So in light of this revelation can anyone please tell me wh
  10. Thanks Sillygirl1...the Sattute barred bit makes sense now... but do you know what the situation is on DCAs that haven't sent CCA...can they still send it in a years time and take it from there?....surely it's a waiting game....I have one that is in dispute with a DCA and asked them for a CCA back in April 2009 and to date not heard back from them...just wondering if they are suddenly going to spring the agreement on me and demand money!! Thanks again x
  11. I would do nothing Mr Worried but then I would like to ask Mr United Front or anyone out there who can help with the following... If after sending request for CCA and waiting the initial 14 days for reply and then a further 30 days and still not received a reply, what happens next? I mean obviously no other Debt agency can chase you on the debt but if they can't find the agreement or anything then what? Can they still produce the agreement say in a years time and chase then? - legally that is? Also does anyone know if the rule about a debt not being enforeceable at all by law after
  12. Don't think my mother would be worth much....LOL:p - That comment cheered me up!! Thanks....appreciate all your help!
  13. Dear Fairy Godmother....LOL xx How did you challenge them? Just curious as I find the fact that they have replied with a 3 page essay quoting loads of legal section this and section that letter quite intimidating...I'm not bothered if it stayed on my credit file - my credit rating is shot to bits anyway but just wondering if I should pay them what I owe them or carry on fighting this!! It really does get me down at times!
  14. Yep that's the one....Oh dear loss of jobs....wonder how many of their ex staff will get behind in their payments and start receiving nasty DCA letters through the post!! What goes around comes around I say!!
  15. Thanks for that but Redcats (not debt managers) have responded to the dispute letter (3 pages quoting loads of legal stuff mainly about liability and that they believe that whether they have a signed doc or not that legally there was an agreement between us- however they do not send any statements as requested to show this!) So do I again send the same dispute letter to Redcats or to Debt Managers who were the ones that opened this can of worms as Redcats never chased me for the repayment on this catalogue account. Debt managers last letter just stated that they were passing on my dispute
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