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  1. Hi I am just about to make a JSA claim as I have just been made redundunt, but in a few weeks I would like to pay for a four week course to learn a new skill to improve my job prospects, but I have unbelievably just been told by a friend that I will not be entitled to JSA because of this course. How can this possibly be true as the course would hopefully get me back into employment quicker, I thought this was the whole idea of JSA ie. to help you back into work, I'm even paying for the course myself!! Anyway if this is the case would I sign off for the duration of the course then si
  2. Hi Erika, just one other thing that I am worried about, perhaps if you can help, although I have no savings my mortgage current account which is negative does show I have the facility to draw out on my mortgage account another , 30k which of course is not savings it's just where I have over paid for the last 3 years or so, but will they say the facility is there so use it! before you claim? I am worried sick about all this as I thought JSA would help me whilst I searched for a new career, many thanks for your time
  3. thanks very much for your reply Erika, so there is no definate rule then and I would only know the answer after they look at it and inform me of their decision, is this correct? many thanks
  4. Hi can anyone help with my question please, I am a 50% shareholder Director in a small ltd company which has been in business over 20 years, we have just lost a couple of large contracts on top of the general downturn and I can not attract any new business and what with very high stress and anxiety levels am now feeling quite unwell, the business could fold unless one of us (2 directors) leaves ie. make one of ourselves redundant, with small redundancy payment, does anyone know if i would be disqualified from claiming job seekers allowance benefits because it looks like I left my job voluntar
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