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  1. Hi, The 'Bonus' takes into account our overall achievement in the first 1/4 off the year. We made our total sales and is part off my package but as off yet I have still to be paid this Cheers
  2. Cheers for reply. I kind off thought that after I handed it in but wanted to seek further advice as I still work at the Co. I have been there 2 years
  3. Hi, I have had to hand my notice into work this week due to my Manager telling me that I had lied to him. After we had a talk about it I received lots off emails asking about various things that needed sorted as someone else who I work with made such huge problems, so I was told to deal with it, which I have no issue with. I was also promised bonus money in April due to us doing so well and as off yet I have received nothing. I was thinking about putting in a grievance but wanted to find out more before I do. I am still employed by them + am still on the payroll. Thanks in advance
  4. Hey, sorry to hear that. I had my investigation and they found that I was 'lying' and decided to dismiss me...!! Not over yet as I am going to tribunal
  5. Thanks all. I will be def appealling this but know that this will make no diff. They have taken statements from 'all' 12 salemen but only 3 were provided as add evidence against me, 1 off whom really does not like me and was forced to move to our branch but didnt want to as I was there. Another was from anonymous which said they heard me asking.....its a joke tbh honest given the other things that went on and nothing getting done, HR wise, about it and alot worse than what I got accused off....
  6. Hey all, well they dismissed me as off Thur as they felt that I abused my position. Not recieved any conformation yet but have right to appeal once I do get it....gutted about it all
  7. Hey, I now have a union rep which is great. GMB Union have aggreed to help. I also recieved an email from my HR dept with a meeting date. It states the reason why and there are statements from the accountant + her assistant, then one from the person who did this BUT both accountants state the wrong person in their account off things.....dont know where I stand with this, plus the venue is at my place off work which I dont want. Can I ask for it to take place at a diff location with in the company? Thanks again all
  8. My manager suspended me but it has to be OK'd by our HR and I have not heard anything from them..
  9. Thanks for that. Im still trying to find someone. Is there any timescale for HR to inform me that I am suspended?
  10. ACAS told me it is fine speaking to union reps but they have to have proof that they are reps of a union but saying that its also down to the company HR policy who can attend.....total nightmare!
  11. Hey, Im trying to find one. Iv been asking around and awaiting people coming back to me...hopefully I can find someone
  12. Yeah, really frustrating tbh. Iv not heard anything...yet. But I would rather hav someone with me if a meeting does happen as I know there will be 2 HR people attending.....
  13. Its Unite and he was only willing to give advice over the phone due to me not long joining them
  14. Hi, so the rep called and has said that he can only give 'telephone advice' as its only been a month since I joined them....not sure who I can take in with me now as I do not want any off my staff in the meeting, as my manager has told them all that 'I am off sick'....
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