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  1. Yeah you're right wd, we didn't want to be negative after what we'd been through but things didnt seem to be going our way, I just hope there is such a thing as karma and they all get whats coming to them soon.... on a more disappointing note my partner didnt go through with his tribunal claim because he couldnt face another knock back, so he just let it go, i was really sad about that but did understand his decision, we're putting it all behind us and concentrating on the good things = our little boy started walking last week for instance, thats more important, I still have panic attacks when I see a white van in the area but i spose that'll never go away but we've put the car in a relatives name so thats safe and thats the main thing, and partner should be accepting a new job this week which is great news, just got to keep taking the tablets and thinking positive and i should be back to work when we know what days off he'll have... finally some things to look forward to! xxxxxxx
  2. Hi everyone, just wanted to close this thread as so many people helped and supported me through the darkest period of my life.... firstly, sorry to w/d for going completely AWOL, cant access my old email and only just remembered my password for this site,,, so... we got evicted and have been relocated to a lovely but tiny little place, at least its a fresh start of sorts... we lost all our court cases and am now sure we are going to go bankrupt, and this sounds really petulant but mainly for me to make sure no one else gets a penny from us and a big up yours to the bailiffs and that awful greedy landlady. So thanks again to the brilliant self less people on this site, I KNOW i would have cracked up if it had not been for their advice, support and kind words. xxxxxxx
  3. Yeah, that was first contact when partner was at work, had no car with him anyway. We have never had anything with the car on it, not even the final peice of paper says about the car. xxxxxx
  4. http://i756.photobucket.com/albums/xx204/HH2010/1STPAPERGIVENATWORK1.jpg 1st letter, page 1 http://i756.photobucket.com/albums/xx204/HH2010/1STPAPERGIVENATWORK2.jpg 1st letter, page 2 http://i756.photobucket.com/albums/xx204/HH2010/2NDPAPERHANDDELIVEREDWHILSTWEWEREOU.jpg 2nd letter, hand posted when we were out. http://i756.photobucket.com/albums/xx204/HH2010/3RDPAPERAFTERCARTAKEN.jpg 3rd and final left after car towed away. http://i756.photobucket.com/albums/xx204/HH2010/BREAKDOWNOFFEES.jpg Their response. xxxxxx
  5. Hi PT, Thanks so much for your reply, I don't mind going over things again if it all helps.... I'm scanning at the moment, theyll all be on soon xxxxxxxxx
  6. Well done Stouffy! I feel your relief and totally know what you mean about the "white van" dread........ Congratulations again! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. Yeah I hope they come on and see this soon, we have our set aside hearing this friday, now writing up a timeline of events and facts to give to the judge. I need to also know that if the judgement was £3000 (give or take) and the fees are £3000 (give or take) and they sold the car for £3000 (g or t) that the car value will go towards the bailiffs fees first, so in theory although we have a stay of enforcement, we still owe the total judgement to the claimant but with the sale of the car we have paid off the fees? All this will be going to the district judge tomorrow ready for the set aside, so I need to be clear xxxxxxxx
  8. Hi Hallowitch, I calculated it using 17.5% I have all paperwork here that they left on 3 visits and the recent letter, i'll upload them when I can. I know this is a different issue to collecting council tax but surely £520 attendance to remove fee when they removed zilch is extortion? xx
  9. Also, maths not my strong point but I make the VAT on the above £418.30 The paperwork that the officers have left are very different to the above too, xxx
  10. Hi Digitaly, Yes we've suffered some hardships, I know its our own fault, and we should pay what we owe, its the way it is done though, we hid because I didnt know of this forum or indeed our rights at all, and we were led to believe no installments were allowed it was the full amount or they tzake everything we own.... therefore we hid petrified of anyone knocking at our door for months, it was and is awful. When im sorted out I will be making everything public, i have nothing to lose, I'll have a look at your thread, hope you fighting it too xxxxx XXXXX
  11. Just received the breakdown of fees, costs and charges Further to your recent request, we would confirm that the fees charged under schedule 3, regulation 13 of the High Court Enforcement Officers Regulations 2004 are as follows : Visit 1 - Fee 13.1 Percentage Fee £91.46 Fee 13.6.2b Levy/Inventory Fee £194.75 Fee 12 Administration Services Fee £299.13 Visit 2 Fee 12 Attendance to remove fee £520.00 Fee 12 Porterage Fee £125.00 Visit 3 Fee 12 Attendance to remove fee £520.00 Fee 12 DVLA check £15.00 Visit 4 Fee 12 Attendance to remove fee £520.00 Fee 12 HPI Vehicle Check £15.00 Fee 12 Tow Truck Fee £90.00 VAT thereon: £358.55 Ok firstly, we were only aware of 3 visits, the first to partners work, no levy or anything signed, the second to our home and we were out (bringing my baby boy home from hospital) again, no levy and nothing signed and the third when they took the car... Any advice GREATLY appreciated, im googling the regs 2004 and will post if I find anything, HH XXXXXXXXXX
  12. Hiya, Thanks for responding, basically we want the notice pay and reference he is entitled to, and to say we did stand up for ourselves for once, and we tried.... X
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