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  1. Does anyone have any advice for me... It's looking increasingly likely that I will not continue with following my complaint via the FOS, I'm getting the impression that they have made their minds up already and continuing with the complaint through them is not going to get me anywhere. Do any caggers have any experience of taking banks to court, or know of any postings etc on here that could give me a few pointers and ideas. I'm really looking at information on whether it is a good idea taking a bank to court, especially when the claim would fall outside the small claims court. I'm getting to
  2. dx Good to hear from you, the whole refund issue has come about from the refund figures given to me from Lloyds TSB (a fair pay out I might add , but it's the principle), but then pointed out me that this figure was short of what I should be expecting. DJ kindly did a breakdown of each loan and showed that from his calculations I was somewhat short overall, hence I went back to FOS and queried this. According to them the Lloyds have followed their 'methology' of putting a claimant back to where they should reasonably be if I didn't take out the PPI in the first place. I am querying this figu
  3. I coming round to the conclusion that I'm pushing the proverbial brown stuff uphill with the FOS, so am increasingly thinking of taking Lloyds TSB to court option regarding my dispute on the amount paid out by Lloyds. Do other caggers have any experiences of doing this, know where the best stickies are to find the best informaton on this course of action or just have there own views on the action, anything would be much appreciated. The one thing that springs to mind is that the disputed figure is over £5000, so am thinking this may not be able to go through the small claims court? Mikey
  4. Well have had a very quick letter through from my new adjudicator, it's not good news, but have a look at letter below. Would appreciate any thoughts and helpful hints on a letter to send back to them, as they haven't given me much time... 'Background to the complaint: This complaint concerns the redress paid as a result of a complaint about the sale of five single premium PPI policies in connection with loans taken out in October 2001, July 2002, May 2003, April 2005 and February 2007. Following your complaint that the policies had been mis-sold to you, Lloyds TSB wrote to you on Jan
  5. I've got an update on where I stand with my complaint with lloyds TSB, I received a letter from the FOS, which states the following: 'Your case has now been referred to me. I am an adjudicator at the FOS. I specialise in settling disputes informally. As part of my work, I will look at both sides of the complaint, weigh up the information, and then tell you and Lloyds TSB what I think. Where I cannot settle a complaint informally, I can issue more formal recommendations about whether the complaint should be upheld or not. If you or Lloyds TSB do not accept what I say, either side can ask for
  6. Just a quick update... no news! nearly a month now after my 'case' got passed to the FOS' Offers and Mediation team... still waitng with baited breath! Hope to report back soon with a more positive update... Mikey
  7. Well had an email back from me adjudicator... 'I acknowledge safe receipt of your letter dated 28 February 2011. I can confirm that your file will now be transferred to our offers and mediation team for further consideration' Offers and Mediation team hey... another adjudicator perhaps?! We shall see...
  8. Well another letter posted off to the FOS, asking them to look again at their decision... will see what the next 12 months bring!! Mikey40
  9. DX What can I say! Many, many thanks. I'm blown away by all the help I've received on this forum, really has kept me going when the going has been tough, but hey I'm in it for the long term, and with the help of you guys then I'm sure justice will be done! DJ OK, if you think that's the next course of action then I will get to it asap. Is it worth mentioning my query about the first loan, or is that something which gets resolved in the letters they sent me... but for the life of me I can't tell where!?!?! Will draft an accompayning letter and send one of the xls files, and mention I h
  10. Dj For some reason I can't view the xls document, every time I go to open it it asks me log in again and then it says I can't?! Confused! Can you PM it to me? Thanks for taking the time out. I will PM you back on the other points... Mikey
  11. Well have finally had a reply from the FOS and it's not good news, and to be honest I'm a tad confused and not sure what's the best way forward now. Any help or advice from fellow caggers would be much appreciated. I'm off for a strong coffee and another read of the below... 'Dear Mr [edit], Thank you for your e-mail and I apologise for the considerable delay before reply. I acknowledge your patients whilst this matter has been investigated. Having now considered the situation, I believe the Lloyds calculations are broadly in line with the Financial Ombudsman's guidance. Th
  12. Can agree with that! I been waiting almost 18 months from my initial letter to Lloyds, did get a pay out which though substantial still wasn't correct, so went back to the FOS in September last year and am still waiting for a decision. Despite many emails and telephone calls it's aways been a case of the adjudicator having to chase the bank and from the sounds of it being fobbed off! Stick with it steve76, we can't let the banks continue to get away with it! Mikey40
  13. Happy New Year to everyone! Back gain with another update, had another email from my adjudicator... 'Thank you for your e-mail and I apologise for the considerable delay that has occurred in resolving this matter. I will revisit this matter with Lloyds and will contact you again early next week.' So as you can see not much progress! Was hoping a new year would mean a fresh start and finding whether Lloyds were right or wrong on there figures. Not too much to ask is it?! Anyways I will see what next week brings...! Mikey40
  14. Me again! New update to keep you all on your edge of your seats... Had this back from adjudicator... 'I can confirm that Lloyds TSB have provided me with further information and I am currently reconciling the figures to ascertain the discrepancies. I hope to conclude the matter for you very shortly.' Continuing to watch this space!!
  15. Did just that dj, was told that the complaint was still a 'live' issue and he was again chasing Lloyds for a response. he said he would contact me again in a couple of days to give me a further update. If heard nothing in 7 days will phone again... ah all fun isn't it! :lol
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